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How To Contact People on the Smith DNA Project Site
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We have a number of ways to contact or leave messages for people or about families. From FamilyTreeDNA, when logged in, you can check if your matches have an email address.  On, the Smith DNA project site,  you can

  • View the Smith Members List.  These are Smith researchers who have supplied trees, DNA or not. All those researchers who have registered have a link by their family names on the person or family page that you can click on to get to their profile. Not every member on has registered on the site. If they have regsitered, and you are registered, and have sent in a tree, you can send them a private message, which also emails that person. Having PM available only to those who are active participants who have sent a tree in deters spammers.  Clicking the link to the member will take you to a branch page where, if the person is registered, you can send them a private message. 
  • -Leave a post on the Smith DNA Forums via ancestor page. Way 1 - Each ancestor page on has a way for registered users to create a Smith DNA Forum post which will, when submittted, show up not onlly on that ancestor page but on the forum in the Queries section. For example, going to the Amos Smith b 1818 New York and looking towards the bottom of the page, you will see where, logged on, you can post a top level query about Amos Smith in the Smith forum. That post will not only show up on the same page but also as a forum post. 
  • Leave a post on the Smith DNA Forums Way 2 - You can always creae a post for whatever forum you think applies. Keep in mind that better to make it a post asking for anyone that has information about X ancestor. 
  • Leave a post on the Smith DNA Forums Way 3 - Group Discussion Forum. The Smith DNA Project has discussion forums particularly for each matched grouping, ie, there were at least 2 YDNA testers that matched and a group was created. Find the relevant group where you would like to discuss your question and post in it. 
  • -Send an email request to the Smith DNA Project administrators at The Smith DNA Project at FTDNA has many  members but may not have registered on   The admins are happy to check status and pass on a message.
  • You may also, if not logged in, *Suggest* changes. Your suggestion will have the weblink url of the person you want to change information about and will be sent to the Smiths administrators at

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Jonas Smith was my great great grandfather, my grandfather was Ivy Jonas Smith