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How do I add a person or family? (TNG)

Posted by smithsworldwide in TNG (Trees) on June 3, 2014 Views:(419Replies (0)
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Generally, the Smiths DNA project is accepting members who have supplied a tree, which is part of one large master tree (for collaboration and sorting out Smiths purposes) . What we do is create a brief descent line before approving your registration, and assign permissions to that *branch*. This is so that you, as person who knows your line best, can have full control over what gets added or changed; others can only *suggest* changes. In cases where there are multiple people on the same line, we attempt to assign a *contact person* for the line that has all editing rights and others can full edit their particular branch of that tree. There is only ONE tree with many branches, as opposed to a whole bunch of trees that are duplicates-if someone else is of the same tree as you, we will either start you at your individual *branch* or see if you want to collaborate with the other person.


So, new people are added to the branch that already exists to your line and that you have permissions for. In general, that will not be for earlier ancestors, so if you find that you can go back some generations, let us know and we’ll fix the permissions.

Le’s say that you have a person and you find out who he was married to and know he has some children now. Search for him with the search link or tab. You will see, after the other items you may want to update for him, PARENTS (Add New) or SPOUSES ADD NEW. If you see that there is 0 beside the PARENTS or SPOUSES, means that person has no parents listed and/or no spouses. If you see a 1 (or a larger number), means that person has a spouse. YOu probably want to go look at the page to be sure it’s not the spouse you want to add. You can do that by going to the tab towards the top that says TEST which wil show you this person and his family

If you need to add a spouse to the person, click ADD NEW. We suggest you look first to see if the person might already be on the site and if not CREATE NEW. If you have editing rights and the spouse was a blank because you didn’t know the name but now you do, click EDIT to the right of Father or Mother
Notice that that way you can tell IF there’s already a spouse for this person is that there is a number next to SPOUSES/PARTNERS. If you want to see if it’s the spouse you were thinking about adding, click the arrow at the left of SPOUSES/PARTNERS

A record number that starts with an *I* is for individual, *F* is for the family.

Once you have a family, you can add children. If there are already children, click CREATE by New children under the listing for the child that is already there. Again, we suggest you do a FIND first just in case the child is already on the system. Who knows? Might be a match to tie your family lines together!
Be sure to always save your information and close the page. These are INTERNET web pages and thus you may not see changes to your page UNTIL you refresh it or *Test* it.

You can *test* the page to see what the family looks like. This is an example of a family sheet that does not show all the detail. From this page to see the detail on that person, including families, click the link for his or her name. Example.

TNG is based on web pages, so you know how when you open a web page, you might not see changes until they are refreshed. Therefore, look at the options on the bottom of the editing pages, if you have extra pages open, be sure to close them after you finish and also refresh or test your page to make sure it looks like what you want.