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Had YDNA tested at FamilyTreeDNA but not part of the Smith Official DNA Project?

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on June 4, 2014 Views:(56800Replies (0)
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One other reason you might not see your results on Smiths, even though you have tested YDNA at FamilyTreeDNA  is if you are not a member of the Smiths-Smiths Official All project at FamilyTreeDNA. We are the master project for all Smith, Schmidt, Smyth, Smythe, Smidt, etc of ALL locations. The Smith admins, Marie, Deb, Ginny, David, and Eric,  are only automatically sent results for those who are members. If you have had your Y-DNA done with FamilyTreeDNA and fall into the criteria for the Smiths project, follow these instructions. Go login to FTDNA using the credentials FTDNA gave you. You will then be on your myFTDNA page. Look at the top menu or on the side for PROJECTS/JOIN.

Now you need to JOIN PROJECT- either Search for Smith or browse through the list for Smiths- Official DNA Project for All Smith/Schmidt/Smyth et all in the list. (The search icon appears about midway down the page.

Join the Official Smith project , for ALL locations at FamilyTreeDNA., the one you want is the one for ALL Smiths of ALL locations-the Official Smith DNA Project. (There are a few regional Smith surname projects for very specific areas-if your Smith does not have Abbeville, SC connections or connections in specific states in the northeastern part of the United States , you have no need to also join the other regional projects as all members for all Smiths are in the official project, including South Caroline and the northeastern US states. We purposely spent a lot of time merging regional projects several years ago so that there would be one place for all Smiths to compare, FTDNA's policy is not to have competing projects covering the same scope) 

The administrators  will be sent an email letting us know you are now part, and we will be able to see your results and add them to the site.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to email