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Smith Mystery O Day- Amanda (Thomas?) McClurg- Rowan Co KY
John C W McClurg
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Mystery O Day on June 30, 2014 Views:(77Replies (0)
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Have a new Smith member of the McClurg surname that matches into Smith grouping R-M269-108 At least one of the Smiths in the group has determined that their surname is actually McPherson. 

The earliest ancestor for whom there is proof is John C W McClurg born KY married Maude Sargent.  He appears on the 1900 Morgan Co KY census with mother shown as "Manda McClurg". In 1880 the same brothers and sisters appear in 1880 Rowan Co KY household of Sarah M Thomas age 68 and there is a younger Sarah M Thomas age 27. Is this the same person as "Manda McClurg" in 1900? Second, there is a Benjamin Thomas child in that 1880 census. On Benjamin Thomas' death certificate he listed his parents as Benjamin Franklin Thomas and Amanda McClurg. To add to the mystery, there is also an Amanda McClurg of the right age in Rowan Co KY, daughter of Jessie McClurg. 

What we are trying to sort out is exactly who is Amanda (Thomas or McClurg), is, who is the father of John C W McClurg, because it doesn't appear to be Francis McClurg. From the member

My great grandmother, Sarah A. McClurg, aka Mandy, to my knowledge was never married, but did have 8 children.  My grandfather, John C.W. McClurg, her son was born on Feb 25 1889 from an unknown father, but it is believed that the father was a Barney Hargis.  In searching for this man, I did not find a Barney Hargis, but I did find a James Barnabus Hargis, born on Mar 1855 and died 14 Nov 1884 in Rowan County, KY.  His mother and father were Jacob Weddington Hargis (1826 - 1915) and Lucinda South (1832 - 1861).  If I can connect this line with William Hargis, most distant ancestor of myself and John Arnold Hargis (Y-DNA37 exact match), then perhaps I can find out who my real great grandfather is.  There is some kind of connection between the Smith's, Hargis's and McPhersons also.  I also found out that a Joseph N. Phillips, son of William H. Phillips, married a Sarah Gregory.  This might be the same Sarah Gregory that was married to my great uncle Zachary McClurg and had two children, Pearlie and Goebel. 

From a YDNA standpoint, we would like to have a descendant of Benjamin Franklin Thomas d 1964 Richland Co OH to compare test with. And if there are any known male Hargis descendants of Barney Hargis, would like to compare these as well.