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Ericus Smith had daughter mary who married Ephraim Hatfield Ericus Smith
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I am descendent of Thomas Smith of HorsePen Mountain.  Read a book  Ragland's History of Logan WV      Thomas Smith listed as half brother of Joseph and Valentine Hatfield.  So can only quess that Mary,  (Ericus's daughter is Thomas' mother).   Still trying to find information (documentation)  of Thomas Smith's Father?   Any information helpful.......ty

Posted by Lesliemac on May 5, 2022 07:10:07 PM  
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OK, so this question was posted in 2016 and it's now 2022 ... but I still have a thought. Ragland's book actually mentions the relationship of Thomas Smith of HorsePen twice. Once Thomas is called a half-brother to the Hatfields, and a second time he is called a half-cousin. I have no idea which is true (assuming that one of them is correct), but autosomal DNA might tell the tale. Numerous descendants of Ephriam Hatfield and Mary Smith DO have DNA matches to descendants of Ericus Smith/Bridget Anderson. Autosomal DNA could be an excellent avenue for further research for descendants of Thomas Smith. (I've got the segment data in a Smith/Hatfield project through GEDmatch.)