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my adopted mother

Posted by melissa8247 in Smith Adoptions on July 28, 2017 Views:(72Replies (0)
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Hi, I am searching for my mother's biological mother. We found her father here on Ancestry a few months ago! His name was James Hugh Brinkley. He died in a car racing accident in 1950, before my mother was born. I am writing to you in hopes that you may be able to help me. It seems that James Hugh had been married to Pauline Crowe before he passed away. Pauline Crowe, then later married Mr. Allbright of Athens GA and had a son named Carlas Allgood. We do show some Crowes and Seagraves,(Pauline's mother's maiden name.) The problem is that there is no recent connection. They seem to be further back in the 1800's. We were told that James Hugh and Pauline had seperated, possibly divorced, and moved to Ohio for a short while and that James Hugh did go there to visit her. She later returned to Georgia, though I am not sure when, but it would have had to be in at least 1951, when she married Mr. Allgood. My mother was born in August of 1950 in East Point GA. Her biological mother came to town to stay at my grandmother's home and went into labor the next day. She had the baby and left and never returned to sign any papers. We were told by my grandmother that the girl's name was Bernadine, but cannot be sure because it was a long time ago. We also learned from James Hugh's family that somebody had contacted his mother after his passing and said that she was pregnant, her name was Maudine Pynn, she signed the visitor book at James Hugh Brinkley's funeral, but the mother told her to never contact them again. The only people still alive are his younger sisters and that is all that they can remember. They did not even know that he had a girlfriend. He had already been married and had his own house and owned a mechanic shop in Hapeville GA. He purchased the shop from the Holders. I believe that he knew the Holders well, because they are listed as vistitors in his funeral book. When looking at the funeral book, we found that a Paul Mackas and Collen Fischer and the Fischer family all shared the same handwriting. We looked up the Fishers and Paul Mackas and realized that Zora Maudine Pynn was realated to them, except her last name at the time was really Lynn. We also found out that her mother Della or Delta is in our direct DNA matches as well as William Starling Smith. Jan Hernke is one of our close matches and there are several more in which the Smiths are named. It seems that Fred Fisher was married to Della ? Smith and that Paul Mackas was married to one of the Fishers. Paul Mackas actually worked with James Hugh Brinkley at a garage in Hapeville. We are just trying to find any information on Zora Maudine's family in order to establish a connection of some sort. We are not looking to copy your information or share it with anyone. It would just be for personal research. Could you please ask anyone in your family if they had ever heard anything about this. I am not sure that Zora could be my mom's mother, but maybe she knew of someone that he had been dating or that she suspected him of dating. I am sorry to be so long in my writing, but I felt that I needed to explain it all just in case you had ever heard anything about any of this from distant family members. Thank you so very much for any help that you may be able to give! Sincerely, Melissa I actually found more information on Zora Maudine Fischer Mosteller. It seems that she may have been married a few times. She was married to Earnest P Mosteller at the time of her death in 1998, we believe. I found that he lived on Shellnut Drive in Forest Park Georgia and Jimmy Burson also resided there. I am not sure what the link is, but she did go by both names at different times. I am sending you her SS Index file in hopes that you may be able to help. Thank you so very much for your time . It is appreciated more than you know. Sincerely, Melissa