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R Anglin
James Barton
James Barton
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James Barton
In 1803 he was listed as a son in law of William Anglin. James married Mary Anglin ca 1780. James is listed as born 1758 with an exact date. We have DNA from his tree on FTDNA.Mary's siter married William McIntosh. Their daughter Polly married the brother of Millington aka Middleton. He was Barnabas. He had three sons Barnabas, Solomon and Cornelius. I see a tree for Cornelius and will seek out DNA to prove that the two are brothers. But the mother told her story about bringing her two sons. Millington is not quite as old as 1760. More like in the 1770's. The 1810 says he is 26-44. The will says Middleton but many records say Millington. 

Robert Anglin

Posted by TheEricSmith on January 22, 2023 09:26:31 PM  
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Millington and Barnabas father went by Willis Smith and his father/mother were George W Smith/Sarah Scarborough.

I do not have concrete proof yet, but I believe both Millington & Barnabas' father and grandfather were actually named George Willison Smith. I think the grandfather just went by George and and their dad used Willison and nickname, Willis.

As things develop, I will keep posted.

Posted by TheEricSmith on January 22, 2023 09:36:26 PM  
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I meant Rebecca Scarborough. Not Sarah.