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Leonard Smith born 1735 in Dinwiddie Co., VA???? Dinwiddie Co., did not exist until about 1752 and was formed from Prince Georges Co., Va.

Leonard Smith born June 24, 1734/35 in St. Mary's Co., Md., died March 29, 1794 in Frederick Co., Md. Married Elizabeth Neale.

dosmith44Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-19 January 12, 2021 1

I have taken a 111 Marker YDNA Test (Kit 350552) and through test data comparisons to Brooke Smith and others, I believe that I am descended from a brother of this Ambrose Joshua Smith. Although not 100% certain, I believe that my ancestor was Rucker Mauldin, a bastard child of Christopher Smith (1760-1804) and his wife Mary Mauldin’s sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth never married and gave Rucker her last name.

I also have taken Autosmoal DNA tests through FTDNA and 23andMe. My tree is on myheritage.com and also on wikitree (Mauldin-688).

sosoeddieNeed DNA for Joshua Ambrose Smith m Anne Glazner (Rabun County, Georgia) November 11, 2020 1

JOHN SMITH B Jan 3, 1840 internet information for CW service:

No 127

Full Name; SMITH, JOHN  Present Post Office; Bellwood Ala  Was born on Jan 3, 1840 at Brunsey Settlement in the county of Coffee in the state of Ala; First entered the service as private on May 1861 at Coffee Springs Ala in the Co G 59th Ala Reg and continued until paroled from hospital at Augusta Ga May 6, 1865

WEBSITE: http://genealogytrails.com/ala/geneva/mil_civilwar_1907.htmlhttp://genealogytrails.com/ala/geneva/mil_civilwar_1907.html

FL06Question about the correct death date for John W. Smith: November 9, 2020 1

I have one Smith line in my ancestry and a Smith cousin's DNA shows he belongs to yDNA Haplogroup I-P37.  Reuben Smith 1771-1823 married 10 Dec 1792 Elizabeth Duke in Louisa Co., VA.  Witnessess to their marriage bond were William Smith (married Ann Duke, sister of Elizabeth Duke, daughters of John Duke), George Smith Jr., and George Smith Sr.  I've gone through the Louisa VA property tax records from 1782 to 1800 and there's only one George Smith.  On the 1778 will of David Smith (married Elizabeth Ragsdale), George Smith was one of the witness along with George Lumsden.  Am not sure if that was the father or son George Lumsden, but the son married a Elizabeth Duke, a 1st cousin to the John Duke previously referenced.

Taking the 1792 marriage date for Reuben Smith who married Elizabeth Duke minus his being 21 years of age puts his birth year at 1771.  Assuming  the William Smith who married Ann Duke was about 2 years older than Reuben Smith, the he was born abt. 1769.  And assuming their father was about 21 years of age when William Smith was born, the he was born abt. 1748 which puts him in the age range to be a child of the David Smith whose 1778 will he witnessedd.

You can find the information I've gathered at this link:


There are several trees that show Gulielmus Smith as an elder child of this David Smith, but no link other than yDNA.

jecrouchSome documentation needed & Discussion for Gulilemus Smith group October 29, 2020 1

Another descendant of John Smith b 1740 Scotland > PA, this one is an autosomal DNA tester. This now makes one YDNA (male Smith) tester and one autosomal (surname not Smith but John Smith common ancestor) for John Smith. In order to shore up the line and establish a baseline, need another male Smith descendant that can trace his direct line to John. One cannot compare a YDNA test to an autosomal test, and the YDNA tester does not also have an autosomal test, but would like an additional autosomal tester match. 

smithsworldwideLooking for additional YDNA testers for John Smith b 1740 Scotland October 28, 2020 1

Looking to contact anyone related to Simeon smith of morehead city North Carolina.

Simeon is my Gg3/4? Grandfather. 

Smith/gillikinSmith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-189 September 27, 2020 1

Yes, my husband, and he's done a YDNA test which I think I've posted.....please check for me....

Richard Smith test 927019 Haplogroup M198

pamsmith616newbie seeking assistance - Rudolph Schmidt September 15, 2020 3

Oh, I love this. My favorite president. 

smithsworldwide44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES August 26, 2020 1

Thank you, Carl! 

smithsworldwideDEATH DATE AND BURIAL SITE August 19, 2020 1


I am the descendant of Aaron via Harmon. I also have about 11 autosomal matches to Reuben's descendants. I share about 5 matches with member #1 but we do not match directly. It does not appear that anyone else from Aaron's line has had y DNA done. No-one knows the maiden name of Harmon's wife Lucina, my gg grandmother, who was born abt 1802. Most census records say born in NY. The 1855 census says born in Putnam County, New York. The 1870 census indicates that both her parents were foreign born. I have guessed that her name possibly was Cole because I have a lot of Cole DNA matches.

SmithwdYDNA Conflict - Aaron Smith b 1755 CT m Olive Hurd August 17, 2020 1