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Yes, my husband, and he's done a YDNA test which I think I've posted.....please check for me....

Richard Smith test 927019 Haplogroup M198

pamsmith616newbie seeking assistance - Rudolph Schmidt September 15, 2020 3

Oh, I love this. My favorite president. 

smithsworldwide44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES August 26, 2020 1

Thank you, Carl! 

smithsworldwideDEATH DATE AND BURIAL SITE August 19, 2020 1


I am the descendant of Aaron via Harmon. I also have about 11 autosomal matches to Reuben's descendants. I share about 5 matches with member #1 but we do not match directly. It does not appear that anyone else from Aaron's line has had y DNA done. No-one knows the maiden name of Harmon's wife Lucina, my gg grandmother, who was born abt 1802. Most census records say born in NY. The 1855 census says born in Putnam County, New York. The 1870 census indicates that both her parents were foreign born. I have guessed that her name possibly was Cole because I have a lot of Cole DNA matches.

SmithwdYDNA Conflict - Aaron Smith b 1755 CT m Olive Hurd August 17, 2020 1

Looks like the information about Mary Tooke on smithsworldwide.org came from here https://sallysfamilyplace.com/richard-smith-margaret-blow-mary-tooke/https://sallysfamilyplace.com/richard-smith-margaret-blow-mary-tooke/https://sallysfamilyplace.com/richard-smith-margaret-blow-mary-tooke/

Other than this reference, I cannot verify that her last name was Tooke. I wrote to Sally to ask her the source. Certainly in the meantime we can put Tooke as a theory unless one of you has a reference. Same thing for Blow. I have a copy of "Smith of Scotland Neck" by Claiborne Smith and he does not assign a surname to Mary. 

>>>Update 7/11/2020 with comment from Scott Smith 

I agree with you that the correct lineage is likely Mary Blow, however I have never been able to “disprove” Mary Tooke so we have kept that name in circulation. I am pleased that you reached out and that you also feel that Mary Blow is the wife. 


smithsworldwideMary Tooke or Mary Blow? July 10, 2020 1

I know this posting is a couple of years old, but I'm wondering if there is any more information on the origins of George Smith, 1747, born in Culpeper County, DAR #A108695.  Name of parents? immigration of ancestors?

There are many family trees out there which have George 1747 confuse with George from York County--and his illustrious ancestors.

lillygardenia2 Abner Smiths in NC- Ashe Co NC and Wake Co NC June 29, 2020 1

Yes, a male Smith is available, in progress.

csuzelLooking for a male Smith YDNA tester for this Arthur Smith June 28, 2020 2

Would a DNA test from another source be okay?

GASLooking for a male Smith YDNA tester for this Arthur Smith June 27, 2020 2

Wonderful! So you're saying THIS Shelton Smith, son of  Levi Smith and Nancy Agnes Lee?  Would love to have you join the Smith DNA Project by sending a gedcom of your direct line to info@smithsworldwide.org - Also, if you done DNA tests, please come up to FamilyTreeDNA and join the Smith Official DNA Project. The people who have tested on this line with YDNA testing are in Group GRP-R-M269-19 

smithsworldwideI have more information on Shelton Smith & his descendants June 25, 2020 1

1. Since he did his YDNA so recently, probably won't be a need to get more sample. However, FTDNA will let you know if that's the case. 

2. Depends on what you want to do. You match into a group with other Smiths, GRP-I-M253-25 (and that includes your autosomal kit) . If there are other Smiths who have also done Big-Y, you'd be able to see what the matches are and the variances. I suggest you contact the other people who have done YDNA that your father matches with and ask them about that. 

smithsworldwideY-111 or Y-700 June 25, 2020 1