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I am assigned to GRP-I-M253-27 as "John Smith d c 1834 AL m E C Newman" which is the same Smith DNA Project Group as "Neal Smith b 1793 NC m Susanah Plowden Canty".

I cannot find where this Neal Smith fits into my tree, however my FTDNA Y-111 results are available. 

Mark Smith

September 24, 2021
In reply to Neal Smith/Susannah Canty-Need a male Smith YDNA tester for this line


I appreciate your having sent the changes you'd like to see, including all the great photos, and will have your registration fixed up this morning so that you can make changes directly. Clearly, and this is wonderful, you are THE historian in the family.

Incidentally, to be clear, the date for 1838 is for Basil A J Smith's father, Basil b 1790 NC who was married, second, to M Atchison. Fixing to put in the marriage you sent, but you see that at this point there is no marriage at all listed for Basil Andrew Jackson Smith. The area that has FATHER and MOTHER has the marriage listed including the 1838 date. If that is the wrong date for Basil and M Atchison, send an email with the correction. 

Now that I have added that great headstone, and marriage cert you sent, there is now a spouse and marriage for Basil A J. Here's what it looks like-note that when it was only Basil A J, the only family id on the page was for his parents. Now, there is a family id for he and C Short 

On a related note, have been lately looking at Basil Smith anyway due to how huge the group is that has the YDNA results. Am going to look again at your reults to see if we can pick out any additional clues about Mecklenburg Co NC. 

September 24, 2021
In reply to Marriage date on here is wrong


I am descended from Basil through his son, Barton Dyson Smith. My dad did some research on the other sons prior to his death. I will be glad to correspond.

My brother is the one who actually took the Family Tree DNA test. 

Basil Smith - Barton Dyson Smith - George Washington Smith - John Davis Smith - Murdock Hamilton Smith - Forrest Hart Smith (my brother). 

September 23, 2021
In reply to Basil Smith


From the Smith Wills-Deeds and Family Histories p 245. Cuthbert Smith d 1790 Brunswick Co VA m 1st Elizabeth Chamberlyn m 2nd Elizabeth Lanier 25 Jul 1758 Halifax Co VA. 

IF THIS IS SO, then the children rightly belong under Chamberlyn and would not be under Elizabeth Lanier. 

To sort this out, do you have some sources that show the Chamberlyn, Washington and Lanier points? 

Would also like someone is a known male Smith descendant of Cuthbert to consider doing a YDNA test

September 22, 2021
In reply to Cuthbert Smith


I just got mine back the other day from 23 and me and it said that I was I-253.  My earliest ancestor that I can find is a Randolph Smith who was born in 1795 in Virginia 

September 18, 2021
In reply to New Member- Descendant of Abraham Smith b c 1728 Amherst Co VA m E Birchfield


Unfortunately Guy Smith is not in my husband's line but I found a record that may help you. It looks like your Guy was a witness to John Page's will. This will was found online at the London archives. I believe you may find more information on him there. The web address is : Will of John Page of Gloucester County Virginia, North America | The National Archives
I had to register there to download his will, but right now the download is free if you want to do so also.  Good luck with your research.

September 13, 2021
In reply to Looking for YDNA testers for Reverend Guy Smith


Hi there! I might be able to help with this one, as I'm a family historian of the pre-1900 lineages from Pfalz-Zweibrücken and nearby. A lot of my research deals with the emigrants from that region (including Webenheim and Mimbach) to America in the 1800s. Schmidt (more often spelled Schmitt) and Pauly/Pauli are definitely surnames you'll find in Mimbach-Webenheim around the 1830s, I can confirm. Typically, the protestants of Webenheim will be found in the Reformed parish records of Mimbach or nearby.

I think I've found your family in U. S. Census records from 1860-1900 in Buffalo, indicating that Christian Schmidt, a tailor, was born in Bavaria (Webenheim was part of Rhenish Bavaria, aka Rheinpfalz, during the 1830s), with wife Catharine (also born in Bavaria), and children Louisa (b. 1852, NY), Frederick (b. 1854, NY), Robert, (b. 1857, NY), Albert (b. May 1850, NY), Christian (b. 1863, NY), Amelia (b. 1866, NY), and Bertha (b. 1869-1870, NY). The census records estimate Catharina's year of birth pretty consistently around 1832, but those for Christian are all over the place, with the 1860 estimating he was born in 1824, the 1870 giving 1830, and the 1880 giving 1820. Takeaway: his year of birth for American records won't likely be accurate.

I'd also estimate that they were married in America, given how young Catharina would be when Louisa was born (only 19-20), which suggests that the Schmidt and Pauly/Pauli families may have come to America and Erie County separately.

First thing, though: do you know whether this Schmidt-Pauly family was Protestant or Catholic? If you know what church they attended in Buffalo, that could be a big help in determining where to look in the German records. If they were Catholics, you would need to look at the records of Blieskastel (Bezirksamt St. Ingbert) or possibly Zweibrücken.

I would be really curious to see Y-DNA results from your Christian Schmidt line. There are only a few families from Pfalz-Zweibrücken that survived the 30-Years' War (1618-1648), and the Schmitts of Webenheim were one of them, as were my Schmitts of Nünschweiler, and there are connections/intermarriages between the two and the Hamms of Webenheim as well. They are probably some of the oldest surviving Schmitt family lines native to Westrich (old term for the region of Westpfalz).

September 11, 2021
In reply to Christian Schmidt - Buffalo, NY


Your post peaked my interest since I do have a Benjamin Smith that is my brickwall. However, your names do not appear to be linked to my Benjamin. I have had my Uncles Ydna done since he is a male Smith and the group that he is in (RM269-32) I can find no connections either. The closest Smith he matches in the Ydna is 4 steps. 

Thank you for posting your detailed information.

September 5, 2021
In reply to Another Abner Smith Conflict -this time with Siddy Busbee


Hi, BY, you are welcome to send a message to info@smithsworldwide.org to discuss this further. Meantime, this is what I see.

I do not know what a ghost member is, but assume you mean you are not specifically listed.

I cannot tell that you have taken a Big-Y test, at least it is not listed on your kit #. If you have and it's on some other number, again, email to let us know that that is. The Big-Y groups are formed by people who have done Big-Y tests. 

On the YDNA. We do Smith DNA group matches based on at least 37 markers unless there is a clear line between two people or they are brothers, etc. There are many occasions in which someone has done 25 markers but upon at least 37 turns out to match into a different group. 

September 4, 2021
In reply to Added Big-Y Group for Virginia Smiths and a Mystery


Hi, Lillygardenia

The short answer to this is that we still need YDNA male Smith testers that are descendants of George Smith and Elizabeth Earls to compare with other male Smith testers. There are, at this point, a lot of matched groupings; having a living male Smith tester with origin lines to George would help greatly. The son referred to above is Abner Smith of Ashe Co NC who married Mehitable Fairchild. 

Note that there are not 3 Abner Smith lines that have been conflated. 

September 4, 2021
In reply to 2 Abner Smiths in NC- Ashe Co NC and Wake Co NC