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 What is a *branch*
Smithsworldwide is one big tree. Just like an actual tree, there can be branches from this one big
2018-09-18 11:16:17
 three trees one family

DNA kits 37121, 178621(my kit) and N85378 are all the same family. Is there some....
2014-09-09 08:26:15
 What is the Timeline feature?
If your kin has dates associated with him or her, the timeline will show what may have been going o
2014-07-01 09:57:16
 Question of the Day- What if the Map Location is Wrong on the tree?
When someone enters in a location, the TNG program uses Google maps to lookup the location and plot
2014-06-25 09:57:39
 Question of the Day- How to Know if Trees Have a DNA tester
We started using TNG (The Next Generation) a couple of years ago to have a collaborative, rich char
2014-06-04 15:22:41
 Found the person-how do I see his or her descendants? (TNG)
If a given person has descendants, you can look for those by clicking the DESCENDANTS tab
2014-06-03 13:38:56
 The permissions methodology we*re using with trees (branches) -TNG
One of the wonderful features of the TNG program is that we can create permissions such that people
2014-06-03 13:31:33
 How To Find Who You*re Looking for (Search)
The most direct way is to choose the SEARCH form or tab. On the front page, you will see SEARCH wit
2014-06-03 13:30:46
 How do I EDIT a person or family (TNG)
If you have editing rights to a person or a family (and you are logged on) , you will see, on the p
2014-06-03 13:28:25
 What if I see a mistake or want to add information? (TNG)
If you are the person who has editing rights to a given person or family, you are always able to co
2014-06-03 13:27:42
 What are the Events associated with a person or family
If you want to add some additional information about a given person or family, click EVENTS. Some e
2014-06-03 13:27:14
 How do I add children or change the birth order?
First, of course, you need to be logged on. You need to have a family before you can add children.
2014-06-03 13:26:22
 How to add Media (Photos/Documents/Histories) to TNG
When you are logged on to TNG, and in edit mode, either editing a family or editing a person, you c
2014-06-03 13:25:41
 How do I add a person or family? (TNG)
Generally, the Smiths DNA project is accepting members who have supplied a tree, which is part of o
2014-06-03 13:24:47
 I need to remove (delete) a spouse/child/extra family (TNG)
Remember this is one big shared tree. Very easy to do, with the proviso you cannot delete people. (
2014-06-03 13:22:46
 The spouse is missing in a family and I want to add him/her to the family record (TNG)
If there is already a family record but the record is missing the father or mother, then you can ei
2014-06-03 13:21:48
 Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site
When you are registered and logged on to the Smith Official DNA Project on the http://www.smithswor
2014-06-03 13:18:32
 Can I have 2 emails per TNG account
Have decided as a matter of policy that it is better for each person to have an account, rather tha
2014-06-03 13:17:45
 I have forgotten my login information/password on TNG (where the trees are)
On the login page you will see “Forgot your username or password?” Enter your email to ....
2014-06-03 13:15:42
 I*m having trouble logging on to TNG-but I am registered
If you have not yet registered at TNG (where we maintain the lineages), and receive....
2014-06-03 13:15:09