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Smith Member
Smith Member
Descendant of James Smith b c 1683 Scotland d 1753 Londonderry NH m Jean

Subgroup 1- Thomas Smith (Lt) b c 1688 Ulster, Ireland d 1768 NH m Mary Karr. Descendants in New Boston NH,, Rockingham NH, OH, Quebec CAN.

Subgroup 2- signature 464 markers(12-15-15-16) -Robert Smith b 1767 PA, and descendants of John Smith d 1795 Knox Co TN, Alexander W Smith b 1814 TN, John Smith b 1764 England, David Henry Smith b 1880 PA Albert Smith b 1892 PA

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Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-6  Big-Y Group: BY-I-M253-1

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 Updated SAPP YDNA Chart for Group GRP-I-M253-6-Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-6

2022-09-08 10:14:44
 New Big-Y Match into Group BY-I-M253-1-Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-6
The Big-Y group is a subset of the YDNA matched grouping GRP-I-M53-6. Latest member to do Big-Y is a

2022-06-21 10:18:20
 New Big-Y match into group - Unknown Smith/Holdswoth
Now there are two presumed descendants of Albert Holdsworth, Smith match, where the SNP ends on I-A1

2021-07-06 18:43:12
 Talking Big-Y for some of the members
Breaking these down by members who have done Big-Y and what FTDNA has said is their terminal SNP (se

2021-04-11 13:24:50