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John Smith b 1735 VA; Joseph Smith b 1780 VA; Joseph Smith b 1839 Indiana

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Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M223-8  Big-Y Group: BY-I-M223-1

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 SAPP YDNA Chart for Group GRP-I-M223-8 (Smith DNA Project) -Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M223-8
Potential Smith YDNA testers in dark blue. As always if you see anything that looks like it needs

2022-11-07 12:49:22
 Is there source evidence for John Smith b 1715 VA m Ann? -Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M223-8
At the Smith DNA Project, we always welcome suggestions for changes in the interest of keeping the l

2022-11-07 08:21:09
 Added Big-Y Group for Virginia Smiths and a Mystery
There are two members who have tested Big-YThe 3rd member has done 111 markers but not Big-Y. Locati

2021-04-24 09:13:35