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This group has testers, both YDNA and autosomal, that descend from Charles Smith b 1737 Virginia m Elizabeth Hendrick. Children went from Halifax County, Virginia to St Landry Parish, Louisiana. Also a YDNA member match is from Isaac Smith m Judith, with children both in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia and thence to Mathews County, Virginia. 

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Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-32  Big-Y Group: BY-I-M253-4

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 New Big-Y Result in Group BY-I-M2534 -Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-32
New Big-Y result. 3 of the Big-Y testers share the same SNP A-14738 as well as share the same upper

2022-12-11 13:37:25
 New Member- Matches Group -surname is Edwards -Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-32
What is interesting about this as well is that there is a Smith/Edwards connection in the line. Morr

2022-11-17 16:56:20
 SAPP YDNA Chart for Group GRP-I-M253-32 (Smith DNA Project) -Smith DNA Group GRP-I-M253-32
Largely Charles Smith b 1737 VA....

2022-11-17 16:33:09
 Added Big-Y Group plus chart on group page; autosomal also
Several updates on this group. There are two main ancestors at this point. One is Isaac Smith b 1735

2021-04-22 17:18:23