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Colorado Springs, 2014 It was my Mother's 95th Birthday. Her Mother was Mary Berry Smith daughter of Dr. Thomas Adams Smith, hence my interest in the Smith family genealogy. Left to right from the front: Mary Frances Abney Hillis (95), Cynthia Hillis McBride (70); back row Mary Hillis Clifford (64) and Virginia Hillis Fletcher (57). My brother Frederic Lawrence Hillis and sister Valerie Hillis Sizemore are deceased.

Early origins with Nicholas Smith and son Capt. Nicholas Smith of  (Middlesex, Gloucester, and Essex Co) from about 1665-1757 with descendancy traced through son Col Francis Smith (!725-1762) and his son Francis Smith (1749-1814).  based on William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 25 No. 23, Jan 1917.  

Any of the following descendants of Col. Francis Smith would also be beneficial for further testing:  Sons Meriweather Smith (1730-1794), William Smith 1745-1785) and testing with descendants of the brothers of Thomas Adams Smith (1781-1844) - Reuben Smith (1755-1836), William Wilkinson Smith (1774 -     ) and/or Ebenezer Smith (1780-1837).

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 Updated B-Y Chart for BY-E-M2_-2 (Smith DNA Project) -Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
2 additional Big-Y testers that fall into the larger YDNA group for Nicholas Smith. These last two h

2022-11-17 10:59:40
 New Member -Thomas Smith d 1838 TN 2 John 3 Coleman-Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
Both YDNA and Autosomal Member's line fits into Group GRP-E-M2_-3 (Nicholas Smith) but the li....

2022-02-01 09:51:35
 New Big-Y Chart for Nicholas Smith 1697 Group GRP-E-M2_3 (Smith DNA Project)-Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
Big-Y Group There are 3 members so far with Big-Y tests. One is an unknown Smith (Gollaher), one

2022-01-31 15:22:00
 New YDNA Chart for Smith Group GRP-E-M2_-3 (Smith DNA Project)-Smith DNA Group GRP-E-M2_-3
If you see any newer corrections that need to be made, send them on.  Early origins with ....

2022-01-31 15:16:36