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This is one of 2 main groups that claims descent from Nicholas Smith m Elizabeth Flood of Surry Co VA. Nicholas named, among others, two sons, William and Lawrence. One YDNA tester has a very strong paper trail line from Lawrence born 1797 VA that includes a son named Flood Smith. Locations include Brunswick Co, VA.Another matching tester is a descendant of Edward Smith m Dorothy Hardeman Owen. This line found in Oglethorpe Co GA. The third member in this line has a Lawrence that may be from Cumberland Co VA.

The conflict here is that the group that has tested for Nicholas Smith/E Flood has a YDNA haplogroup of R-M269 and the one for Edward, George, Lawrence, etc are I-M223. The people in the group below are I-M223, so there is definitely NO match with the people who have done YDNA testing and have R-M269. 

We would like to have additional Smith YDNA testers to prove this line, including any and all male Smith descendants from lines that were in 1820, 1830, 1840 Upson Co GA and Ogletree Co GA, as well as Wake Co NC.

Lines and Locations: Nicholas Smith is said to have had the following chldren, per will.

  • Nicholas Smith b 1682 d 1730 Westmoreland Co VA - no specific YDNA tester for this line.Note that he has a son Peter of Westmoreland Co VA. There is another distinct DNA group that lays claim to Peter Smith of Westmoreland, Haplogroup J-M172  
  • John Smith b 1685 m Mary Price: Children: Arthur Smith, John Smith-no specific YDNA tester for this line
  • William Smith b 1695 d 1750 m Ann Isham- Children mentioned in will
    • Josiah Smith b 1728 Sussex Co VA YDNA tester for this line- R-M269 haplogroup. 
    • Cuthbert Smith b 1720 Surry Co VA. Descendants in Jones Co GA, Oglethorpe Co GA, Talbot Co GA -Possible I-223 haplogroup 
    • William Smith b 1730 Surry Co VA-No YDNA tester for this line. 
    • Isham Smith d 1795 Sussex Co VA No YDNA tester for this line.
    • Sarah Smith
    • Lucy Smith
    • Susannah Smith b 1737
  • Lawrence Smith b 1687 Surry Co VA d 1746 Isle of Wight VA. -Son Flood Smith to Northampton Co and Wake Co NC. (There is a YDNA tester in this group for Lawrence Smith m Caroline Gardner.  If R-M269, not the same;  this second Lawrence Smith d in Lamar Co GA) 
  • Mary

In this I-M22

  • George Smith b 1821 Fentress TN (there is not a George listed in Nicholas Smith will) 

In order to help resolve this, looking for YDNA testers that are  from Cuthbert, Frederick and Lawrence. Meantime, the Edward and Lawrence in GA's ancestry is Virginia but needs the county to be proven

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This is one of 2 main groups that claims descent from Nicholas Smith m Elizabeth Flood of Surry C

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