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Homer Elmore
Homer Elmore
in the plaid shirt

Mumford Smith b 1768 VA; Unknown

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Smith DNA Group GRP-B-M181-1  Big-Y Group: BY-M181-1

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 Updated Big-Y Chart for B-Y135089 ((Smith DNA Project)-Smith DNA Group GRP-B-M181-1
3 members, one of whom is from Mumford Smith of Patrick Co VA > Rhea Co TN. All 3 share the SNP B...

2022-10-28 10:01:27
 New YDNA Sapp CHART for Group GRP-B-M181-1 (Smith DNA Project)-Smith DNA Group GRP-B-M181-1
Mumford Smith b 1768 VA; Unknown....

2022-10-28 09:34:37
 Big-Y tester no group yet but this one matches surname Saturday
In the case of the match locations are Tatnall County, Georgia, Chatham County, Georgia, Leon County

2021-05-25 13:13:22
 This maybe ought to be Mystery O Day-Smiths in Georgia and Tennessee
Here is a group in which people match but figuring out the actual ancestors is more than challenging

2021-05-03 10:43:37