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Buckingham, Quebec, Canada

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Latitude: 45.5864086, Longitude: -75.4168654


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dykeman, Emma Florence  1890Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I2289
2 Dykeman, Hazen Clifton  1864Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I2287
3 Grieve, Vesta Emma  1918Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I2291
4 Marr, Baxter B  1834Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54534
5 Smith, Adeline  23 Apr 1837Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54306
6 Smith, Agnes E  c 1856Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54315
7 Smith, Alanson A  3 Nov 1841Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54307
8 Smith, Alanson E  3 Nov 1841Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I1125
9 Smith, Alexander  1849Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54547
10 Smith, Aurelia  c 1832Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I31753
11 Smith, Elijah  28 Dec 1837Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54541
12 Smith, Elijah  4 Mar 1851Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54548
13 Smith, Elsie S  c 1845Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54310
14 Smith, Flora  Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54317
15 Smith, Frederic Alfred Charles  1856Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I26427
16 Smith, Freeman  5 Feb 1843Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54308
17 Smith, George Ellison  27 Oct 1858Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54316
18 Smith, Hiram  c 1848Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54311
19 Smith, James William  12 Dec 1854Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54314
20 Smith, John William  15 Jul 1841Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54543
21 Smith, Joseph Edmund  1817Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I2283
22 Smith, Joseph H  c 1850Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54312
23 Smith, Matilda  c 1851Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54313
24 Smith, Melinda  18 Aug 1853Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54549
25 Smith, Norman  1852Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I65214
26 Smith, Olive Patricia  9 Jan 1844Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54309
27 Smith, Oliver  19 Sep 1839Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54542
28 Smith, Rebecca  1 Dec 1848Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54546
29 Smith, Richard  27 May 1856Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54550
30 Smith, Roxanna  20 Mar 1836Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54540
31 Smith, Spurgeon Wilbur  1883Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I2273
32 Smith, William  10 Jun 1843Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54544


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Buck, Caroline A  28 Jan 1863Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54303
2 Mills, Elizabeth  After 1827Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I1122
3 Smith, Alexander  19 Sep 1870Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54547
4 Smith, Clarissa  10 Sep 1856Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I31047
5 Smith, Flora  20 Oct 1862Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54317
6 Smith, Hiram  12 Mar1863Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I54311
7 Smith, James  After 1831Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I1121
8 Smith, Norman  1932Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I65214
9 Smith, Rodney  1895Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I31058
10 Smith, Wilbert Rodney  1975Buckingham, Quebec, Canada I65216


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Parcher / Smith  6 Jun 1853Buckingham, Quebec, Canada F10979
2 Stewart / Smith  3 May 1862Buckingham, Quebec, Canada F19768