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Greenville, SC

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Abraham Smith, Alexr Smith, Benj Smith, Buckner Smith, Drewry Smith, Edward Smith, Elisha SMith, Jeremiah Smith, Jesse Smith, John Smith, John Smith, John SMith, Joseph Smith, Joseph SMith, Rheuben SMith, Rheuben Smith Jr, Robert Smith, Stephen smith, Thos Smith, Wm Smith
1820 Greenville SC
A T Smith, Abner Smith, Adam Smith,( Benj Smith, Joshua Smith ), Betsey Smith, David Smith, Drewry Smith, Henry Smith, James Smith, James SMith, James Smith, Joel Smith, John Smith, John Smith, John SMith, John D Smith, John S Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, Joshua Smith, Micajah T Smith, Perry Smith, Sims Smith, Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith, Turner SMith, Wm Smith
Abraham, Betsye, Burgess, Charles, Christpher, Cornelius Smith,, Drury Smith, Drury Smith, Elijah Smith, George Smith, George smith, Henry Smith, Hiram Smith, James Smith, James Smith, James Smith, Jesan Smith, JOel E Smith, John Smith, John Smith,John Smith, John D Smith, John P Smith, John S Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph smith, Micajah Smith, Mother Smith, Nancy Smith, Redding Smith Widdow Sary Smith, Sims Smith, Solomon Smith, Stephen smith, Thoams Smith, Thomas Smith, Tilman SMith, Turner SMith, Westlly Smith, Wililam Smith Elijah Smith, Zachariah Smith, William Smith, (Benjamin, Jefferson, Baylis)
Abraham Smith, Anderson Smith, Baylis Smith, Benjamin Smith, Burgess Smith, Charles SMith, Cornelius Smith, Dicy SMith, Elizabeth Smith, Elliott I Smith, Francies W Smith, George Smith, George Smith, Henry SMith, Inman Smith, James Smith, James Smith, James D Smith, James H Smith, Jefferson Smith, Joel E Smith, John Smith, John D Smith, John P Smith, John S Smith, John W Smith, Joseph Smith, Joshua Smith, Lency Smith, Malky Smith, Mary W Smith, Nancy W Smith, Reuben Smith, Riley W Smith, Semonthas Smith, Solomon Smith, Stephen Smith, Stephen Smith, Susanah Smith, Turner Smith, William Smith, William Smith, Y H Smith, Zacheriah Smith, Zilman SMith
Nancy Smith, Elizabeth SMith, Nancy SMith, Jane SMith, Whiteford Smith, William Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Maria Smith, Barnett Smith, John V Smith, Henry SMith, John D Smith, Susanna Smith, Anna Smith, Margarett Smith, Mary Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Jane Smith, Margaret Smith, Turner Smith, Percilla Smith, Zechariah Smith, Joshua Smith, Zilmon SMith, Baylis SMith, Fair Smith, John Smith, Edey Smith, John S Smith, Sol Smith, Stephen Smith, Charlotte Smith, Lucinda SMith, Francis Smith, Maria Smith, Nancy SMith, Eliza Smith, M L Smith, Reuben Smith, Lemuel J Smith, Nancy SMith, James Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Rachecl Smith, Thursey Smith, Alexander Smith, William R Smith, Maria Smith, Colins Smith, Frances Smith, Diana Smith, Hellena Smith, Robert P Smith, Dicy SMith, Matilda Smith, Susan Smith, David Smith, W W Smith, Wilson SMith, Wyatt H Smith, Ann Smith, Elsey Smith, Martha Smith, Stephen W Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Henry M Smith, M M Smith, Louisa Smith, Thursday SMith, A H SMith, Lindsey SMith, Reuben SMith, Frances SMith


Latitude: 34.8526176, Longitude: -82.3940104


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browning, Paul Sr.  21 Jul 1894Greenville, SC I27332
2 Cooper, Eliza Jane  1834Greenville, SC I31788
3 Smith, Clarence Augustus  10 Apr 1864Greenville, SC I23360
4 Smith, Daughter  1779Greenville, SC I77884
5 Smith, Elizabeth  7 Oct 1829Greenville, SC I45596
6 Smith, Emily Frances  16 Nov 1840Greenville, SC I45594
7 Smith, James  Greenville, SC I50430
8 Smith, John Dawson  14 Mar 1791Greenville, SC I7418
9 Smith, John Dean  21 Dec 1872Greenville, SC I78963
10 Smith, John Elliot  7 Oct 1849Greenville, SC I45598
11 Smith, Katie Vernon  29 Dec 1879Greenville, SC I78968
12 Smith, Lillie Lee  Jul 1875Greenville, SC I78966
13 Smith, Mary A  1789Greenville, SC I45590
14 Smith, Mollie W  7 Feb 1874Greenville, SC I78964
15 Smith, Nancy  1782Greenville, SC  I77885
16 Smith, Nancy Jane  26 Oct 1827Greenville, SC I45595
17 Smith, Stella Jane  28 Apr 1877Greenville, SC I78967
18 Smith, Zadie Jessie  16 Aug 1878Greenville, SC I45600


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browning, Paul Sr.  28 May 1967Greenville, SC I27332
2 Cooper, Eliza Jane  1905Greenville, SC I31788
3 Cooper, Eliza Jane  26 Nov 1905Greenville, SC I37329
4 Jordan, Louisa Elizabeth  23 Feb 1930Greenville, SC I27307
5 Smith, Abner  3 Sep 1825Greenville, SC I17824
6 Smith, Ethel Louise  6 Dec 1991Greenville, SC I27328
7 Smith, John Elliot  3 Apr 1910Greenville, SC I45598
8 Smith, Stephen Scriven  6 Feb 1897Greenville, SC I37867
9 Smith, Walter Lindsay  28 Jan 1945Greenville, SC I23959


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith / Evans  1907Greenville, SC F7761
2 Smith / Knight  28 Dec 1869Greenville, SC F28836

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 / Payne  1800Greenville, SC F15770
2 Smith /   1810Greenville, SC F4443
3 Smith /   1820Greenville, SC F2911
4 Smith /   1820Greenville, SC F4443
5 Smith /   1800Greenville, SC F1153
6 Smith /   1810Greenville, SC F1153
7 Smith /   1820Greenville, SC F16467
8 Smith /   1830Greenville, SC F18640
9 Smith /   1840Greenville, SC F16467
10 Smith /   1840Greenville, SC F1168
11 Smith /   1840Greenville, SC F13443
12 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F16467
13 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F16595
14 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F18640
15 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F21045
16 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F21046
17 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F22410
18 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F22411
19 Smith /   1850Greenville, SC F1149
20 Smith / Brockman  1850Greenville, SC F2915
21 Smith / Greer  1800Greenville, SC F410
22 Smith / Greer  1830Greenville, SC F410
23 Smith / Greer  1840Greenville, SC F410
24 Smith / Griffin  1850Greenville, SC F15775
25 Smith / Hennon  1850Greenville, SC F13444
26 Smith / Holliday  1850Greenville, SC F13440
27 Smith / Hudson  1840Greenville, SC F29391
28 Smith / Hudson  1850Greenville, SC F29391
29 Smith / Martin  1840Greenville, SC F9653
30 Smith / Martin  1850Greenville, SC F9653
31 Smith / Montgomery  1830Greenville, SC F1152
32 Smith / Rector  1820Greenville, SC F7354
33 Smith / Rector  1830Greenville, SC F7354
34 Smith / Rector  1840Greenville, SC F7354
35 Smith / Smith  1850Greenville, SC F16464
36 Smith / Wallace  1850Greenville, SC F8807