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Latitude: 43.7844397, Longitude: -88.7878678


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Kate Preston  11 Aug 1855WI, USA I71797
2 Carson, Mildred Frances  9 Nov 1903WI, USA I72349
3 Churchill, Hattie  c 1866WI, USA I108044
4 Cunningham, Urah Alyce  28 Jun 1890WI, USA I8497
5 Evanson, George D  c 1882WI, USA I120106
6 Fargo, Marjorie V  16 Jun 1886WI, USA I12090
7 Hodge, Clara L  c 1868WI, USA I106117
8 Jackson, Frank Rhoderick  11 Sep 181WI, USA I101681
9 Johnson, Rachel  1873WI, USA I72748
10 Jones, Adella Ellen  8 Nov 1867WI, USA I81911
11 Miller, Mary Sophia  Nov 1873WI, USA I65532
12 Outhet, Betsey  c 1855WI, USA I103918
13 Pynske, Sinia  11 Oct 1870WI, USA I119128
14 Schmidt, August  c 1850WI, USA I15817
15 Schmidt, Christina  1858WI, USA I110343
16 Schmidt, Edward  c 1868WI, USA I108140
17 Schmidt, Frederick  1858WI, USA I110342
18 Schmitt, George John  c 1865WI, USA I108139
19 Scott, Evaline  WI, USA I108896
20 Selby, Martha E  1859WI, USA I54944
21 Smith, Alice  c 1865WI, USA I101695
22 Smith, Anna M  c 1859WI, USA I40239
23 Smith, Arthur E  21 Sep 1877WI, USA I17012
24 Smith, Carrie  c 1866WI, USA I120007
25 Smith, Catherine  May 1874WI, USA I108134
26 Smith, Charles  c 1858WI, USA I40238
27 Smith, Charles  c 1860WI, USA I120004
28 Smith, Charles Jerome  1879WI, USA I13827
29 Smith, Clarence  c 1906WI, USA I108111
30 Smith, Daniel  c 1866WI, USA I116082
31 Smith, Edmun  c 1855WI, USA I40236
32 Smith, Enos J  c 1849WI, USA I40234
33 Smith, Frank B  21 Oct 1862WI, USA I115685
34 Smith, Franklin E  c 1853WI, USA I40235
35 Smith, Hannah  7 Sep 1850WI, USA I113305
36 Smith, Helen  Apr 1868WI, USA I108131
37 Smith, Henry  c 1846WI, USA I107309
38 Smith, Henry  Apr 1860WI, USA I85566
39 Smith, Howard Jay  1859WI, USA I12516
40 Smith, Jack Earl  1903WI, USA I34267
41 Smith, Jasper T  Jan 1858WI, USA I13086
42 Smith, John W  c 1884WI, USA I72744
43 Smith, Lavinia Mae  8 Aug 1889WI, USA I97147
44 Smith, Lucy J  c 1854WI, USA I120006
45 Smith, Mary  1852WI, USA I76369
46 Smith, Mary Ella  7 Oct 1873WI, USA I116084
47 Smith, Maude A  19 May 1880WI, USA I67319
48 Smith, Stuart Braley  1892WI, USA I73469
49 Smith, Susanna  c 1862WI, USA I120005
50 Smith, William A  c 1857WI, USA I40237

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbey, Ruby Rebecca  4 Sep 1930WI, USA I28977
2 Ashton, Julia Ann  c 1880WI, USA I28975
3 Brainerd, Julia Sophia  1864WI, USA I30719
4 Gould, Elvira  c 1925WI, USA I72737
5 Linton, Elizabeth  WI, USA I78705
6 Smith, Betsey Elizabeth  1906WI, USA I3873
7 Smith, Charles Jerome  1949WI, USA I13827
8 Smith, Electa  After 1855WI, USA I114341
9 Smith, Elizabeth Ann  22 Feb 1925WI, USA I97135
10 Smith, Frank B  17 Oct 1935WI, USA I115685
11 Smith, Franklin Taylor  c 1923WI, USA I12193
12 Smith, Harrison  1922WI, USA I28976
13 Smith, Howard Jay  1907WI, USA I12516
14 Smith, John  1934WI, USA I34096
15 Smith, Katharine Josephine Daly  25 Aug 1920WI, USA I57221
16 Smith, Philip  WI, USA I7331
17 Smith, William Warren  1913WI, USA I13825
18 Stetler, Harriet  1892WI, USA I97166

Miltary- Civil War- Union

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miltary- Civil War- Union    Person ID 
1 Smith, Levi Walker  WI, USA I65557
2 Smith, William Farnsworth  WI, USA I2513

Pension Application

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pension Application    Person ID 
1 Smith, Fluwelling Jarvis  19 Feb 1890WI, USA I23422


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith / Powell  22 Apr 1854WI, USA F8581