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Brunswick Co,VA,USA

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Latitude: 36.7570589, Longitude: -77.8367282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Broadnax, Mary  1748Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16596
2 Chamberlayne, Elizabeth  c 1717Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24887
3 Collier, Isaac II  6 Jun 1769Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16828
4 Lanier, James  Brunswick Co,VA,USA I97378
5 Smith, Benjamin  1745Brunswick Co,VA,USA I40572
6 Smith, Clara Anna Arabella  4 Oct 1852Brunswick Co,VA,USA I103992
7 Smith, Clement  c 1775Brunswick Co,VA,USA I27214
8 Smith, Cuthbert  1780Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16580
9 Smith, Daughter  1762Brunswick Co,VA,USA I77973
10 Smith, Edward  1792Brunswick Co,VA,USA I18666
11 Smith, Gabriel  c 1785Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16581
12 Smith, Hannah  6 Oct 1763Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16692
13 Smith, Harvey Massenburg  2 Feb 1836Brunswick Co,VA,USA I90512
14 Smith, Henry  1754Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24856
15 Smith, Henry  1759Brunswick Co,VA,USA I50095
16 Smith, John Ira  13 Nov 1823Brunswick Co,VA,USA I103979
17 Smith, Judah  c 1766Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24766
18 Smith, Nancy Anna  25 Feb 1755Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24897
19 Smith, Nathaniel  5 May 1762Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24858
20 Smith, Olive H  1795Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16584
21 Smith, Palatin  c 1826Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16590
22 Smith, Stephen A  c 1795Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16586
23 Smith, Stephen J  1822Brunswick Co,VA,USA I103978
24 Smith, Sterling William  27 Nov 1789Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24900
25 Smith, Thomas  1720Brunswick Co,VA,USA I87186
26 Smith, William A  18 Nov 1803Brunswick Co,VA,USA I27216
27 Smith, William Washington  1862Brunswick Co,VA,USA I90514


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chamberlayne, Elizabeth  c 1786Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24887
2 Collier, Charles  Dec 1810Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24835
3 Collier, Isaac  10 Oct 1771Brunswick Co,VA,USA I31625
4 Gray, Archibald  1762Brunswick Co,VA,USA I84211
5 Jones, Tabitha  5 Jun 1766Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16691
6 Smith, Cuthbert  c 1780Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24829
7 Smith, Cuthbert  After 1840Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16580
8 Smith, Frederick  1848Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24891
9 Smith, Harvey Massenburg  25 Apr 1902Brunswick Co,VA,USA I90512
10 Smith, Richard  27 Dec 1798Brunswick Co,VA,USA I17261
11 Smith, Stephen  Bef Oct 1818Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24889