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Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA

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Latitude: 33.9119731, Longitude: -83.0361376


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Collier, Cuthbert  1772Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16837
2 Collier, Cuthbert S  17 Apr 1800Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16845
3 Davis, Malissa  1808Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I123945
4 Owen, Dorothy Hardeman  26 Feb 1810Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I14742
5 Owen, Vines Hardeman  6 Feb 1805Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16852
6 Smith, Catherine Palistine  c 1821Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I90172
7 Smith, George Milton  3 Jul 1797Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I45440
8 Smith, Glenn Amon  15 Jun 1905Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I89098
9 Smith, John Bluford  6 May 1807Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I82722
10 Smith, Martha Thomas  10 Oct 1804Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I82720
11 Smith, Mary Harden  19 ug 1802Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I82719
12 Smith, Rebecca Harrison  1809Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16893
13 Smith, Sarah Ann  1815Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16895
14 Smith, Susannah C  1810Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I82724
15 Smith, Thomas Clinton  3 Feb 1809Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I82723
16 Smith, William Kirkham  23 Sep 1812Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I117107


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 English, Parmenas  23 May 1826Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I94213
2 Haynes, Parmenas  1 Mar 1813Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I52136
3 Smith, Brinkley  c 1857Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16626
4 Smith, Isham  c 1823Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I24857
5 Smith, Larkin  20 Oct 1834Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I16753
6 Smith, Nanny  1864Oglethorpe Co,GA,USA I93178