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Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA

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Latitude: 42.9786981, Longitude: -71.0728369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Loammi  1 Oct 1757Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86464
2 Dolloff, Sally  1770Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I634
3 Morrell, Rhoda  18 Jun 1776Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I117527
4 Mudgett, Edward Scribner  Aug 1745Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88455
5 Mudgett, Simeon  24 Nov 1742Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88462
6 Sanborn, Abigail  26 Jun 1732Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32622
7 Smith, Abigail  1757Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I90647
8 Smith, Alexander Gorden  c 1752Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I39813
9 Smith, Biley  c 1752Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58383
10 Smith, Biley Burleigh  19 Apr 1747Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86517
11 Smith, Caleb  22 Jan 1761Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58384
12 Smith, Deacon Daniel  27 Sep 1774Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86344
13 Smith, Daniel  12 Nov 1788Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58386
14 Smith, Ebenezer  1765Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45033
15 Smith, Elisha  2 May 1755Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45034
16 Smith, Ferdinand Ellis  6 Jul 1824Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58388
17 Smith, Ithiel  1719Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88468
18 Smith, Jabez  1744Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I8920
19 Smith, Joanna  6 Apr 1737Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86513
20 Smith, John  1761Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I90648
21 Smith, Jonathan  1 Feb 1748Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I165250
22 Smith, Joseph Chase  17 Jan 1759Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86466
23 Smith, Mehitabel  18 May 1761Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32612
24 Smith, Nicholas  1723Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45031
25 Smith, Nicholas  9 Jul 1764Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I61213
26 Smith, Oliver  4 Oct 1745Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86516
27 Smith, Peter  15 Feb 1760Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I62727
28 Smith, Peter  15 Feb 1760Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I172564
29 Smith, Reuben  25 Mar 1725Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32626
30 Smith, Robert  Oct 1736Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32625
31 Smith, Ruth  1756Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I90646
32 Smith, Thomas  28 May 1732Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I24019


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bean, Loammi  1823Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86464
2 Dolloff, Lydia  22 May 1838Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86350
3 Hoyt, Mary  1765Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86463
4 Hoyt, Mary  1765Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I165253
5 Keniston, Bridget  1771Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I585
6 Mudgett, John  28 May 1746Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88456
7 Sanborn, Elizabeth  22 Dec 1799Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58382
8 Smith, Caleb  12 Jan 1854Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58384
9 Smith, Catherine  5 Jul 1828Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I9128
10 Smith, Daniel  22 Apr 1845Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58386
11 Smith, David  1 Aug 1692Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86615
12 Smith, Ebenezer  23 Jul 1831Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45033
13 Smith, Ebenezer Jr  24 Sep 1831Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I9129
14 Smith, Israel II  27 Feb 1749Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86510
15 Smith, Israel  27 Feb 1749Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I165252
16 Smith, Ithiel  29 Sep 1756Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88468
17 Smith, Jabez  19 Dec 1835Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I8920
18 Smith, Jacob  1755Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32715
19 Smith, John  c 1770Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I567
20 Smith, Joseph  After 29 Dec 1799Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58381
21 Smith, Nicholas  1753Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88466
22 Smith, Nicholas  14 Apr 1814Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45031
23 Smith, Reuben  8 May 1753Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32619

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family        Family ID 
1 Smith / Hoyt  3 Dec 1728Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA F54640
2 Smith / Sanborn  3 Jan 1754Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA F11577