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East Haven, CT

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Latitude: 41.2841687, Longitude: -72.8684565


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, Abigail  8 Jul 1711East Haven, CT I36091
2 Smith, Anna  17 Mar 1792East Haven, CT  I36017
3 Smith, Asahel  10 Dec 1787East Haven, CT  I36016
4 Smith, Caleb  5 Jul 1770East Haven, CT I36108
5 Smith, David Sr  15 Nov 1721East Haven, CT I17738
6 Smith, Eleanor  29 Nov 1767East Haven, CT I36106
7 Smith, Hannah  Bef 23 Jun 1771East Haven, CT  I36010
8 Smith, Ira  1 Jun 1763East Haven, CT  I36104
9 Smith, Isaac  15 Jul 1770East Haven, CT  I36107
10 Smith, Isaac  9 Jun 1792East Haven, CT  I36117
11 Smith, Levi  4 Mar 1784East Haven, CT  I36015
12 Smith, Loly  12 Mar 1770East Haven, CT I43845
13 Smith, Lorinda  8 Nov 1795East Haven, CT  I36118
14 Smith, Lucy Maria  c 1827East Haven, CT  I36020
15 Smith, Mary  19 Dec 1743East Haven, CT  I36177
16 Smith, Mary  6 May 1778East Haven, CT  I36013
17 Smith, Sarah  12 Oct 1772East Haven, CT  I36109
18 Smith, William  25 May 1756East Haven, CT  I36105


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Potter, Abigail  1755East Haven, CT  I35982
2 Smith, Anna  7 Dec 1798East Haven, CT  I35997
3 Smith, Benjamin  23 Mar 1794East Haven, CT  I36006
4 Smith, Caleb  8 Jan 1822East Haven, CT  I36108
5 Smith, Daniel  29 Aug 1738East Haven, CT  I36000
6 Smith, Isaac  20 May 1790East Haven, CT  I36099
7 Smith, Lydia  1736East Haven, CT  I36096
8 Smith, Lydia  2 Aug 1767East Haven, CT  I36100
9 Smith, Samuel  8 Nov 1823East Haven, CT  I36101
10 Smith, Sarah  2 Jul 1773East Haven, CT  I35999
11 Smith, Thankful  2 Jul 1773East Haven, CT  I35998
12 Smith, Thomas  16 Nov 1724East Haven, CT  I17732
13 Smith, Thomas III  27 Jan 1727East Haven, CT  I17736
14 Smith, Twin  Dec 1786East Haven, CT  I36115
15 Smith, Twin  Dec 1786East Haven, CT  I36116
16 Smith, Unknown  7 Nov 1742East Haven, CT  I36094