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Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA

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Latitude: 42.9814292, Longitude: -70.9477546


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gilman, Sarah  28 Jan 1742Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7028
2 Gordon, Benoni  1709Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88423
3 Gordon, Mary  22 May 1668Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45014
4 Gordon, Thomas Sr  1678Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88343
5 Hardy, Mary  1725Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88449
6 Mattoon, Mary  1690Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88447
7 Scribner, Elizabeth  23 May 1725Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I587
8 Smith, Abigail  22 Jun 1678Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86458
9 Smith, Abigail  7 Oct 1762Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88450
10 Smith, Abraham  01 Jun 1720Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I586
11 Smith, Anne  1765Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86243
12 Smith, Benjamin  1685Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7
13 Smith, Benjamin  1685Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I1329
14 Smith, Benjamin  8 Oct 1728Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45026
15 Smith, Burley  24 Aug 1778Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I601
16 Smith, Caleb  4 Mar 1736Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32708
17 Smith, Charles Coffin  26 Jan 1807Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86822
18 Smith, Daniel  24 Apr 1763Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86204
19 Smith, Ebenezer Jr  24 Mar 1765Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I9129
20 Smith, Israel  1655Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I1352
21 Smith, Israel  Mar 1669Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I18009
22 Smith, Jacob  12 Mar 1727Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32715
23 Smith, Jenny  23 Feb 1758Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32640
24 Smith, Jeremiah  1733Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I8915
25 Smith, John  1639Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I1353
26 Smith, Captain John  c 1706Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I118652
27 Smith, John Waldron  08 Dec 1735Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I631
28 Smith, Jonathan  1679Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I584
29 Smith, Joseph  1653Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I1355
30 Smith, Joseph  c 1682Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I1904
31 Smith, Joseph  c 1738Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I58381
32 Smith, Moses  15 Oct 1756Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I6402
33 Smith, Nathaniel  15 Sep 1695Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45018
34 Smith, Nicholas  3 Sep 1661Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45010
35 Smith, Nicholas  1689Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45016
36 Smith, Nicholas  1705Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45029
37 Smith, Noah  15 Aug 1761Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I53050
38 Smith, Phineas  1759Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I62738
39 Smith, Richard  1690Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45015
40 Smith, Richard  24 Jan 1715Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88448
41 Smith, Samuel  c 1749Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I3083
42 Smith, Sarah  21 Jun 1749Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88454
43 Smith, Theophilus  14 Feb 1667Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45012
44 Smith, Theophilus  9 Dec 1704Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7017
45 Wadleigh, Hannah  1 Aug 1739Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32722


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beevers, Marguerite  1974Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I120286
2 Cheney, Hannah  9 May 1722Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I23540
3 Dudley, Samuel  10 Feb 1683Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86205
4 Gilman, Sarah  2 Sep 1827Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7028
5 Gordon, Alexander  15 Aug 1697Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88424
6 Gordon, Mary  1737Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45014
7 Gordon, Thomas Sr  1762Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88343
8 Littlefield, Sarah A  14 Sep 1889Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86271
9 Littlejohn, Mary  3 Jan 1742Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I105598
10 Mattoon, Mary  21 Jan 1772Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I88447
11 Ross, Elizabeth  19 Jun 1827Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86259
12 Shorten, Daisy Evelina  15 Nov 1971Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I95126
13 Smith, Daniel  1744Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I23565
14 Smith, Daniel  25 Apr 1764Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86204
15 Smith, Daniel  17 Nov 1817Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I8914
16 Smith, Eliza  1888Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86546
17 Smith, Ithiel  04 Mar 1718Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I1903
18 Smith, Jacob  27 Dec1878Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86551
19 Smith, John  16 Oct 1805Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86810
20 Smith, John Prescott  24 May 1901Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86269
21 Smith, Jonathan  Sep 1742Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I584
22 Smith, Josiah Coffin  18 Dec 1842Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86809
23 Smith, Mary  16 Dec 1844Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86266
24 Smith, Merrick M  13 Jun 1888Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86553
25 Smith, Nicholas  22 Jun 1673Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I44995
26 Smith, Richard  22 Apr 1765Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45015
27 Smith, Robert  13 Mar 1816Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I45035
28 Smith, Robert  2 Nov 1831Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I32625
29 Smith, Samuel Gilman  31 Aug 1859Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86812
30 Smith, Sarah  15 Jul 1772Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7015
31 Smith, Theophilus  26 Feb 1772Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7017
32 Smith, Theophilus  26 Feb 1805Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7025
33 Smith, Thomas  9 Mar 1860Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I21789
34 Smith, William  27 May 1855Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86814
35 Smith, Winnefred C  2 Aug 1880Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86558
36 Towle, Mehitable Dalton  11 May 1878Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I86545
37 Wiggin, Mary  21 Apr 1781Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA I7018


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gordon / Harriman  22 Nov 1699Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA F32139
2 Smith / Gordon  1691Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA F16269
3 Smith / Leavitt  11 Jul 1780Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA F31659