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Illinois, USA

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Latitude: 40.6331249, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice K.  1876Illinois, USA I37092
2 Cora  1888Illinois, USA I122208
3 Dora  Jul 1870Illinois, USA I37155
4 Eliza A.  Apr 1835Illinois, USA I37131
5 Eliza Jane  1845Illinois, USA I39771
6 Ella May  Jun 1879Illinois, USA I37095
7 Malissa  Feb 1854Illinois, USA I32948
8 Martha  Illinois, USA I73875
9 Waterman  1790Illinois, USA I124993
10 Armstrong, Aholy  c 1822Illinois, USA I48263
11 Austin, James Henry  6 May 1869Illinois, USA I150586
12 Barber, Celeste Samira  1848Illinois, USA I72871
13 Barth, Carolina  1 Jul 1875Illinois, USA I146456
14 Bazor, Amey Mahalia  c 1844Illinois, USA I111570
15 Berry, Robert J  c 1850Illinois, USA I150608
16 Boswell, Nellie  1882Illinois, USA I74312
17 Braden, Alfred  1820Illinois, USA I39142
18 Braden, Francis Marion  1844Illinois, USA I39777
19 Braden, Lillie B.  1911Illinois, USA I60027
20 Braden, Parazada E.  1848Illinois, USA I39144
21 Braden, Parry E  1848Illinois, USA I39703
22 Braden, Silas Asbury  1851Illinois, USA I39779
23 Braden, William  1895Illinois, USA I40297
24 Bratten, William D  c 1868Illinois, USA I30346
25 Brewer, Henry E  c 1805Illinois, USA I69170
26 Brierton, Elizabeth Elmira  Illinois, USA I77184
27 Brown, Ollie Amanda  1872Illinois, USA I131434
28 Brown, Theresa  c 1825Illinois, USA I121677
29 Burdick, Lucy  1833Illinois, USA I37534
30 Camp, Thomas William  11 Feb 1869Illinois, USA I162218
31 Cantrell, Louisa  Feb 1864Illinois, USA I38177
32 Cantrell, Richard  Nov 1841Illinois, USA I38173
33 Carrell, William  12 Dec 1866Illinois, USA I127833
34 Carrier, Sidney Ann  15 Mar 1840Illinois, USA I37642
35 Cluck, Vachel Marie  1904Illinois, USA I37128
36 Coffey, Elizabeth Louisa  1848Illinois, USA I37550
37 Coffey, Lewis P.  1820Illinois, USA I37518
38 Coffey, Sophronia  Dec 1847Illinois, USA I37549
39 Comer, Martha Elizabeth  1868Illinois, USA I36489
40 Couch, Louis Linder  1864Illinois, USA I101271
41 Cox, Andrew  c 1841Illinois, USA I130784
42 Crone, Inez  22 Oct 1894Illinois, USA I96579
43 Currier, Susan  1844Illinois, USA I17799
44 Dale, Edith  1835Illinois, USA I40170
45 Davis, Amanda Eugenia  Feb 1845Illinois, USA I38162
46 Davis, Charles  Mar 1889Illinois, USA I39153
47 Davis, Sarah  Illinois, USA I12427
48 Davis, William Henry  1840Illinois, USA I38163
49 Dippold, Eliza Barbara  1902Illinois, USA I120247
50 Dixon, William M  1 Nov 1864Illinois, USA I149817

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dora  1942Illinois, USA I37155
2 Margaret  14 Oct 1865Illinois, USA I74317
3 Battershell, John Henry  1 Dec 1884Illinois, USA I84340
4 Birks, Mary  c 1778Illinois, USA I14287
5 Boswell, Nellie  1917Illinois, USA I74312
6 Braden, Cordelia J.  1932Illinois, USA I40475
7 Brewer, Henry E  Illinois, USA I68621
8 Cantrell, Richard  1905Illinois, USA I38173
9 Cleveland, Sarah  19 May 1886Illinois, USA I387
10 Dye, Frances Ida  1870Illinois, USA I69697
11 Fletcher, Sarah  1846Illinois, USA I14370
12 Ford, Stephen  1848Illinois, USA I80939
13 Hedges, Caleb  13 Jul 1836Illinois, USA I52925
14 Hedges, Caleb  13 Jul 1836Illinois, USA I52951
15 Irby, Abigail  1905Illinois, USA I39694
16 Johnson, George  1874Illinois, USA I39760
17 Johnson, Susannah  1895Illinois, USA I39767
18 Johnson, William B.  1888Illinois, USA I39138
19 Kridler, Lucy Ann  1875Illinois, USA I72869
20 Lindemann, Elmer  1918Illinois, USA I106278
21 Linscomb, Mariah  Before 1932Illinois, USA I107721
22 Lister, William W  27 Jan 1891Illinois, USA I68714
23 Lockwood, Albert F. CWS  1913Illinois, USA I40474
24 McGowan, James L  c 1886Illinois, USA I99465
25 Nicks, Doak  8 Feb 1903Illinois, USA I76288
26 Olinger, Mary  1874Illinois, USA I40748
27 Piper, Nancy  Bef 29 Oct 1868Illinois, USA I84335
28 Smith, Andrew Cuff  1902Illinois, USA I39693
29 Smith, Caleb Alfred  1883Illinois, USA I20506
30 Smith, Chester Leroy  17 Aug 1964Illinois, USA I120341
31 Smith, David  Illinois, USA I160649
32 Smith, Elizabeth Street  1866Illinois, USA I32193
33 Smith, Grover  1954Illinois, USA I26300
34 Smith, Harvey  1854Illinois, USA I54768
35 Smith, James  1870Illinois, USA I53470
36 Smith, James A  Illinois, USA I31686
37 Smith, James Addison  19 Jul 1914Illinois, USA I117852
38 Smith, James Colvin  Before 1860Illinois, USA I148527
39 Smith, John  1868Illinois, USA I78758
40 Smith, John Wesley  2 Apr 1894Illinois, USA I108410
41 Smith, John William  1981Illinois, USA I39148
42 Smith, Jonathan  Illinois, USA I42578
43 Smith, Julia  c 1956Illinois, USA I6443
44 Smith, Kirk  After 1900Illinois, USA I58995
45 Smith, Lorenzo Redburn  1926Illinois, USA I58993
46 Smith, Margaret  1880Illinois, USA I125689
47 Smith, Martin V  Illinois, USA I78754
48 Smith, Matilda M  1916Illinois, USA I10698
49 Smith, Myron  1888Illinois, USA I39299
50 Smith, Samuel Lisle  30 Jul 1854Illinois, USA I103857

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 Smith, Millington  1817Illinois, USA I514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Schmidt, Rudolph Wilhelm  1860Illinois, USA I13794


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Grant  5 Mar 1852Illinois, USA F43196
2 Bidwell / Smith  Illinois, USA F19776
3 Braden / Shasteen  Illinois, USA F14495
4 Hedges / Cunningham  1853Illinois, USA F19181
5 Johnson / Shasteen  1836Illinois, USA F14236
6 Kimery / Smith  1890Illinois, USA F3473
7 Peplow / Schmidt  1885Illinois, USA F24163
8 Smith /   1928Illinois, USA F29502
9 Smith / Bell  22 Oct 1842Illinois, USA F785
10 Smith / Decker  1887Illinois, USA F30186
11 Smith / Johnston  Illinois, USA F9531
12 Smith / Kimmel  Illinois, USA F9530
13 Smith / Sweeney  1861Illinois, USA F39073
14 Smith / Virden  Illinois, USA F9529