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Maine, USA

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Latitude: 45.253783, Longitude: -69.44546889999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dorcas  c 1800Maine, USA I120448
2 Austin, Lydia  1791Maine, USA I116862
3 Avery, Margaret  1767Maine, USA I101946
4 Bradbury, Lindley L  Apr 1867Maine, USA I157986
5 Brewer, William C  c 1858Maine, USA I118036
6 Brown, Andrew  c 1657Maine, USA I132257
7 Buck, Arthur Gerald  Maine, USA I96945
8 Butterfield, Lydia  1800Maine, USA I120274
9 Carll, Lucena Adelia  10 Dec 1848Maine, USA I157997
10 Chadbourne, Mary Elizabeth  11 Jun 1830Maine, USA I117573
11 Coffron, Nellie L  1881Maine, USA I112776
12 Crabtree, Sarah  6 Nov 1805Maine, USA I87649
13 Gilpatrick, Joshua  1724Maine, USA I117546
14 Glidden, Mary Avalena  c 1811Maine, USA I118088
15 Grant, Schuyler T  1859Maine, USA I120283
16 Ham, Judith  21 Jan 1776Maine, USA I132374
17 Harden, Ephraim  c 1827Maine, USA I149821
18 Hatch, G G  Maine, USA I125256
19 Henderson, Lucy A  c 1837Maine, USA I109000
20 Huff, Jane  1809Maine, USA I125859
21 Lambert, Sally  c 1785Maine, USA I52449
22 Larrabee, Phillip  3 Mar 1744Maine, USA I144656
23 Libby, Charles L  1844Maine, USA I120464
24 Libby, Mary A  1850Maine, USA I120465
25 Libby, Olive  1717Maine, USA I45092
26 Libby, Simeon  3 Sep 1755Maine, USA I144675
27 Libby, William W  1837Maine, USA I120463
28 Norton, John F  Maine, USA I12770
29 Preston, Eva F  29 Apr 1870Maine, USA I108998
30 Proctor, May L  c 1867Maine, USA I121602
31 Pulsifer, Kate L  c 1840Maine, USA I112946
32 Ricker, Timothy H  c 1803Maine, USA I121596
33 Robinson, Lucy  c 1844Maine, USA I108046
34 Robinson, Sarah  Mar 1799Maine, USA I116673
35 Rounds, Daniel  Maine, USA I120474
36 Rounds, Joseph  Maine, USA I120475
37 Savage, Ella  1853Maine, USA I112937
38 Smith, Abby  1840Maine, USA I120441
39 Smith, Abigail  c 1787Maine, USA I90655
40 Smith, Ada J  1851Maine, USA I120457
41 Smith, Albert  c 1820Maine, USA I13846
42 Smith, Alfonso  c 1847Maine, USA I6564
43 Smith, Ann  c 1833Maine, USA I6557
44 Smith, Annice L  1860Maine, USA I157841
45 Smith, Arianah  1836Maine, USA I120450
46 Smith, Augusta  1845Maine, USA I125864
47 Smith, Benjamin  26 Jul 1810Maine, USA I124772
48 Smith, Benjamin C  c 1841Maine, USA I121829
49 Smith, Benjamin F  28 Feb 1842Maine, USA I86121
50 Smith, Benjamin Lincoln  7 Mar 1832Maine, USA I108773

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beauregard, Melvin  1980Maine, USA I159356
2 Boulter, John  1870Maine, USA I25215
3 Jones, Amey  10 Apr 1809Maine, USA I116092
4 Jordan, John  29 Mar 1886Maine, USA I131793
5 Junkins, Sarah  Maine, USA I132307
6 Lord, Eunice  18 Aug 1774Maine, USA I132365
7 Lovejoy, Capt Abiel  1811Maine, USA I116677
8 Patterson, Lois  3 Mar 1874Maine, USA I68286
9 Savage, Ella  1900Maine, USA I112937
10 Smith, Cleophas  9 May 1866Maine, USA I125844
11 Smith, Frederic Alfred Charles  Maine, USA I26427
12 Smith, Herbert L  Maine, USA I112931
13 Smith, Horace Columbus  1951Maine, USA I57838
14 Smith, Isaac  Bef 1757Maine, USA I7799
15 Smith, Joseph  Maine, USA I132238
16 Smith, Joseph  1850Maine, USA I116125
17 Smith, Joshua  1807Maine, USA I68640
18 Smith, Luther  19 Jan 1866Maine, USA I157669
19 Smith, Mary Frances  22 Mar 1919Maine, USA I157564
20 Smith, Nathaniel  17 Jan 1836Maine, USA I73599
21 Smith, Nelson  27 Aug 1892Maine, USA I84868
22 Smith, Olive  14 Sep 1813Maine, USA I117818
23 Smith, S Estelle  9 Apr 1906Maine, USA I157567
24 Smith, Samuel B  1887Maine, USA I5996
25 Smith, Thomas Jr  2 Oct 1898Maine, USA I117538
26 Southworth, Phoebe  27 Apr 1869Maine, USA I157561
27 Thompson, Judith  After 1745Maine, USA I72339
28 Wortthing, Augusta E  1940Maine, USA I157570


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chadbourne / Bolles  1677Maine, USA F42335
2 FORD / JACKSON  1820Maine, USA F280
3 Gower / Smith  Nov 1785Maine, USA F43277
4 McLellan / Libby  25 Dec 1836Maine, USA F15322
5 Savage / Smith  1857Maine, USA F41949
6 Smith / Chadbourne  1859Maine, USA F42328
7 Smith / Day  27 May 1794Maine, USA F42109
8 Smith / Gallop  1891Maine, USA F40902
9 Smith / Hodgdon  29 Mar 1920Maine, USA F40908
10 Young / Tarr  22 Nov 1803Maine, USA F11688