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Maryland, USA

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Latitude: 39.5162234, Longitude: -76.9382069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann J  c 1848Maryland, USA I145970
2 Ann Maria  1829Maryland, USA  I125822
3 Anna F  c 1755Maryland, USA  I42543
4 Elizabeth  Maryland, USA  I116921
5 Ida  Maryland, USA  I116919
6 Julia  1845Maryland, USA  I97718
7 Louiza  c 1800Maryland, USA  I90928
8 Mary  ca 1853Maryland, USA  I66118
9 Rachel  Maryland, USA  I13631
10 Rebecca  Maryland, USA  I03187
11 Rebecca  c 1776Maryland, USA  I81510
12 Rebecca  1788Maryland, USA  I97550
13 Arnold, Samuel  1745Maryland, USA  I8843
14 Barker, Mary  1 Oct 1776Maryland, USA I29394
15 Barron, Joseph  1667Maryland, USA  I02377
16 Becraft, Rebecca  c1700Maryland, USA  I40213
17 Blair, Elizabeth  1770Maryland, USA  I145096
18 Burden, Benjamin Franklin  1783Maryland, USA  I100238
19 Burton, Martha  c 1804Maryland, USA I164779
20 Byers, Rachael  Abt 1763Maryland, USA  I80651
21 Calloway, Priscilla G  1830Maryland, USA I155025
22 CAMDEN, Sarah Esther Talbert  Abt 1745Maryland, USA  I06152
23 Cisel, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1800Maryland, USA  I14224
24 Cross, Mary Helen  1902Maryland, USA  I128666
25 Darnell, Isabel  Maryland, USA  I91284
26 Dartha  Maryland, USA  I00566
27 davis, daniel  1805Maryland, USA  I68759
28 Drury, Ann  c 1786Maryland, USA  I17765
29 Duley, Hattie Ellen D  1923Maryland, USA  I128663
30 Duley, William Cornelius Jr  1904Maryland, USA  I128665
31 Ellenburg, Martin  1750Maryland, USA  I78379
32 Eskey, Sarah  c 1783Maryland, USA  I127024
33 Evans, Sarah  27 May 1804Maryland, USA  I72768
34 Fisher, Elizabeth  1795Maryland, USA  I5583
35 Flatt, David  1781Maryland, USA  I76877
36 Glazener, Anne  1786Maryland, USA  I83903
37 Gump, Rosanna  1811Maryland, USA  I17084
38 Hardy, Rebecca  c 1766Maryland, USA  I67224
39 Hardy, Rebecca  Feb 1776Maryland, USA  I72577
40 Harman, Laura Della  30 Aug 1888Maryland, USA I153077
41 Holley, Francis  1755Maryland, USA  I14622
42 Hood, Leven  21 Dec 1821Maryland, USA I145959
43 Howard, Alexander Asbury  23 Aug 1813Maryland, USA  I108212
44 Humphries, James C  1770Maryland, USA  I76249
45 Humphries, Thomas  19 Nov 1739Maryland, USA  I76252
46 Hunter, Susan B  5 Jan 1830Maryland, USA  I2392
47 Jenkins, Susannah  After 1746Maryland, USA  I53561
48 Johnson, James  c 1888Maryland, USA  I97721
49 Johnson, Mary Ann  14 Feb 1802Maryland, USA  I35193
50 Kees, Catherine  1728Maryland, USA  I00190

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brumbaugh, Elizabeth  1798Maryland, USA  I81549
2 Buchanan, Huldah  1773Maryland, USA  I131309
3 Burt, William W  Oct 1863Maryland, USA  I111579
4 Dennison, Mahala  1 Jul 1902Maryland, USA  I76183
5 Dent, Rebecca  1709/10Maryland, USA  I00460
6 Duley, Hattie Ellen D  1997Maryland, USA  I128663
7 Duley, William Cornelius Jr  1986Maryland, USA  I128665
8 Eichelberger, Johann  Maryland, USA  I78381
9 Hood, Leven  25 Aug 1891Maryland, USA I145959
10 Jenkins, Susannah  After 1776Maryland, USA  I53561
11 Smith, Anne  After 1669Maryland, USA I131486
12 Smith, Carl Rudolf  1960Maryland, USA  I128662
13 Smith, Charles Francis  13 Aug 1907Maryland, USA  I8541
14 Smith, Charles Sommerset  20 Feb 1783Maryland, USA  I63164
15 Smith, Charles Turpin  18 Apr 1857Maryland, USA  I8539
16 Smith, Cyrus Talbot  1898Maryland, USA  I49869
17 Smith, Daniel  1817Maryland, USA  I48687
18 Smith, Ephraim  c 1857Maryland, USA I154455
19 Smith, George  21 Dec 1839Maryland, USA  I2376
20 Smith, James  1693Maryland, USA  I50696
21 Smith, John Henry  Maryland, USA  I68552
22 Smith, John Jordan  Bef 13 Dec 1776Maryland, USA  I53560
23 Smith, Joseph Sim  5 Sep 1822Maryland, USA  I63114
24 Smith, Kirby Sie  25 Feb 1981Maryland, USA  I85723
25 Smith, Lester Otho  Maryland, USA  I111474
26 Smith, Mahlon Carlton  1947Maryland, USA  I39476
27 Smith, Martha  Dec 1843Maryland, USA  I30448
28 Smith, Matthew  Bef Apr 1775Maryland, USA  I53558
29 Smith, Matthew  13 Apr 1842Maryland, USA  I59589
30 Smith, Milton  1947Maryland, USA  I66442
31 Smith, William  29 Mar 1830Maryland, USA  I60046
32 Smith, William Coale  Maryland, USA  I30434
33 Stinnett, Benjamin Mason  1799Maryland, USA  I108918
34 Taylor, Capt. Phillip  1648Maryland, USA  I14263


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abrecht / Dorner(Darner)  Abt 1782Maryland, USA  F01115
2 Douglass /   Abt 1715Maryland, USA  F00531
3 Shafer / Dorner(Darner)  Maryland, USA  F01113
4 Smith /   Maryland, USA  F9526
5 Smith / Fenwick  1634Maryland, USA  F5497
6 Smith / Jane  1789Maryland, USA  F8599
7 Smith / Vogt  8 Dec 1934Maryland, USA  F43146
8 Smith / West  1919Maryland, USA  F34979
9 Smith / Wright  24 Jan 1758Maryland, USA F52767
10 Wilson / Smallwood  Abt 1762Maryland, USA  F00257