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North Carolina,USA

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Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret A  c 1821North Carolina,USA I130288
2 Grogan, Sarah M  1780North Carolina,USA I130425
3 Atchison, William  ca 1793North Carolina,USA I73111
4 Atkinson, Uriah  1797North Carolina,USA I127260
5 Bailey, Elizabeth  1807North Carolina,USA I112125
6 Beck, Susan  6 Jan 1807North Carolina,USA I122278
7 Box, Margaret M  1809North Carolina,USA I112555
8 Bynum, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1814North Carolina,USA I105716
9 Byram, Clarissa  ca 1802North Carolina,USA I73101
10 Cochran, Elizabeth  c 1782North Carolina,USA I128240
11 Eads, Alfred  18 Mar 1840North Carolina,USA I128197
12 Eads, Franklin  c 1830North Carolina,USA I128194
13 Endsley, John  9 Jan 1800North Carolina,USA I108679
14 Freeland, George Washington  1806North Carolina,USA I128104
15 Hamilton, Susan  c1755North Carolina,USA I85338
16 Hardin, Susanna  14 Jul 1790North Carolina,USA I127973
17 Hoke, Mary Brent  North Carolina,USA I63479
18 Kirkham, Lucy Dean  c 1794North Carolina,USA I130106
19 Lancaster, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1770North Carolina,USA I88637
20 Long, Sabra Annie  10 Dec 1844North Carolina,USA I28905
21 Loveless, James  13 Jan 1771North Carolina,USA I127980
22 Malone, Luraney Frances  c 1804North Carolina,USA I17566
23 Martin, James C  20 Nov 1877North Carolina,USA I128486
24 Montgomery, Rachel  17 Oct 1785North Carolina,USA I107763
25 Mooney, Charity  1819North Carolina,USA I69865
26 Osborne, Elizabeth  1781North Carolina,USA I130580
27 Reeves, Frederick  1787North Carolina,USA I128082
28 Roach, Eliza  c 1825North Carolina,USA I128125
29 Robertson, Joaniah Catherine  19 Mar 1838North Carolina,USA I126067
30 Shaw, Mary  1808North Carolina,USA I126215
31 Sheriff, Manoah  North Carolina,USA I128304
32 Sherrill, George D  Sep 1762North Carolina,USA I15626
33 Smith, Abel  c 1806North Carolina,USA I128218
34 Smith, Allen  c 1789North Carolina,USA I128903
35 Smith, Archibald  1749North Carolina,USA I22005
36 Smith, Arthur  c 1769North Carolina,USA I38566
37 Smith, Christopher R  15 Feb 1804North Carolina,USA I92159
38 Smith, David  1784North Carolina,USA I98500
39 Smith, Drury  1796North Carolina,USA I52713
40 Smith, Edmund  1787North Carolina,USA I129028
41 Smith, Elias  1793North Carolina,USA I69863
42 Smith, Elias Nichols  1789North Carolina,USA I126742
43 Smith, Elizabeth  1790North Carolina,USA I129016
44 Smith, Gabriel  12 Dec 1765North Carolina,USA I16464
45 Smith, Hardy  14 Apr 1790North Carolina,USA I126065
46 Smith, Hardy Leonard  3 May 1845North Carolina,USA I126050
47 Smith, Haston  c 1805North Carolina,USA I82136
48 Smith, Henry  1770North Carolina,USA I130579
49 Smith, Henry Osborne  4 Aug 1815North Carolina,USA I47394
50 Smith, Jackson  1805North Carolina,USA I84756

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Byram, Dicy  North Carolina,USA I73102
2 Smith, Burrel  28 Feb 1882North Carolina,USA I14534
3 Smith, John  1777North Carolina,USA I130217
4 Smith, John Jackson  31 Aug 1881North Carolina,USA I36657
5 Smith, Joshua  1720North Carolina,USA I130215
6 Smith, Thomas  1812North Carolina,USA I81995
7 Smith, Thomas H  North Carolina,USA I130448
8 Webb, Mary  20 Nov 1827North Carolina,USA I28891