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West Virginia, USA

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Latitude: 38.5976262, Longitude: -80.4549026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eva Ann  Abt 1837West Virginia, USA I80269
2 Louisa H  1854West Virginia, USA I56563
3 Minerva  Sep 1834West Virginia, USA I156268
4 Bailey, Dee Winifred  8 Apr 1908West Virginia, USA I79219
5 Bare, John Henry Clay  May 1844West Virginia, USA I156282
6 Best, Elizabeth  c 1858West Virginia, USA I78135
7 Bland, Mary  c 1854West Virginia, USA I95094
8 Blything, Sarah Frances  30 Jun 1872West Virginia, USA I109969
9 Bowers, Polly Anne  15 Mar 1865West Virginia, USA I109131
10 Bowman, Sevilla Woodford  c 1844West Virginia, USA I15808
11 Carter, Margaret "Peggy"  1786West Virginia, USA I81390
12 Cleavenger, Nancy Jane  1844West Virginia, USA I01069
13 Clevenger, male  Abt 1810West Virginia, USA I02852
14 Clevenger, Samuel  20 Nov 1813West Virginia, USA I02853
15 Collins, Orville O  24 Oct 1908West Virginia, USA I81073
16 Comer, Louisa Jane  28 Apr 1854West Virginia, USA I65877
17 Comer, William R  c 1872West Virginia, USA I76791
18 Crotty, Christopher  c 1849West Virginia, USA I156221
19 Crotty, Mike  1884West Virginia, USA I156342
20 Davis, Jehu  Sep 1801West Virginia, USA I01505
21 Dingess, Ida Jane  West Virginia, USA I109440
22 Forinash, Mary Elizabeth  1812West Virginia, USA I81395
23 Gillis, Raymond  1905West Virginia, USA I97437
24 Gray, Eizabeth  1791West Virginia, USA I00508
25 Hardman, Kannona  1859West Virginia, USA I80301
26 Harris, Clark S  1889West Virginia, USA I81329
27 Hayden, Ida Olive  Mar 1869West Virginia, USA I00726
28 Helmick, Sarah J  Jan 1849West Virginia, USA I80267
29 Hendrickson, Margaret  1807West Virginia, USA I00042
30 Higgenbotham, Ellery Perry  Feb 1814West Virginia, USA I144562
31 Higgenbotham, Mildred  1875West Virginia, USA I28886
32 Higgenbotham, William A  1847West Virginia, USA I164324
33 Hogshead, Ann McPherson  5 Mar 1808West Virginia, USA I112574
34 Keller, Catherine  c 1847West Virginia, USA I74899
35 Kelley, Elizabeth  1832West Virginia, USA I01789
36 Kerns, Alpheus  1826West Virginia, USA I145864
37 Kittle, Minerva A  1850West Virginia, USA I80302
38 Lawson, Amanda V  West Virginia, USA I00903
39 Mary  1802West Virginia, USA I04877
40 Mauzy, Edward Burke  27 Aug 1885West Virginia, USA I95091
41 Mauzy, Elwood P  2 Jun 1913West Virginia, USA I95090
42 McCord, Daniel Ison  Abt 1848West Virginia, USA I79754
43 Miller, Gracie  Abt 1844West Virginia, USA I80102
44 Miller, Mary Susan  14 Feb 1864West Virginia, USA I00725
45 Moore, Margaret Ann  1828West Virginia, USA I81386
46 Norman, Martha Lucinda  1874West Virginia, USA I80439
47 OGrady, Rebecca  1909West Virginia, USA I67356
48 Pritchard, Anna  1805West Virginia, USA I00912
49 Pritchard, Anna  26 Feb 1827West Virginia, USA I00897
50 Pritchard, Catherine  07 Jun 1807West Virginia, USA I00913

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Smith, Francis Benjamin  29 Aug 1901West Virginia, USA I00035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bozarth, Elizabeth Jane  West Virginia, USA I81394
2 Cleavenger, Nancy Jane  1893West Virginia, USA I01069
3 Fisher, Elizabeth  5 May 1842West Virginia, USA I5583
4 Forinash, Asa  West Virginia, USA I81397
5 Forinash, Jacob Uriah  30 Aug 1805West Virginia, USA I81393
6 Forinash, Jemima  West Virginia, USA I81399
7 Forinash, Mary Elizabeth  Dec 1850West Virginia, USA I81395
8 Hayden, Ida Olive  1922West Virginia, USA I00726
9 Kelley, Elizabeth  1904West Virginia, USA I01789
10 Lambert, Mary Angeline  1924West Virginia, USA I60612
11 Lowther, Jonathan  1778West Virginia, USA I01172
12 Martin, Hannah Ellen  1898West Virginia, USA I107951
13 Mathews, Sarah Ann  1903West Virginia, USA I159998
14 McCartney, Leah (Lee)  4 Dec 1938West Virginia, USA I79184
15 McCord, Effie  4 Jul 1959West Virginia, USA I79211
16 Meade, Laura Belle  West Virginia, USA I158722
17 Miller, Mary Susan  01 Jan 1954West Virginia, USA I00725
18 Page, Martha Celia  West Virginia, USA I81402
19 Pritchard, Anna  Apr 1869West Virginia, USA I00912
20 Pritchard, Catherine  23 Mar 1879West Virginia, USA I00913
21 Pritchard, Nancy P  30 Jun 1885West Virginia, USA I00895
22 Ross, John  1828West Virginia, USA I00066
23 Roy, Joseph Junior  1847West Virginia, USA I00883
24 Simmons, Maude  10 Mar 1940West Virginia, USA I104524
25 Smith, Abraham  Aft 1910West Virginia, USA I1457
26 Smith, Alice  Nov 1885West Virginia, USA I00034
27 Smith, Alice Rozella  Mar 1925West Virginia, USA I80088
28 Smith, Daughter  23 May 1895West Virginia, USA I00012
29 Smith, David C  8 Mar 1949West Virginia, USA I156237
30 Smith, David Hall  27 Jun 1957West Virginia, USA I00037
31 Smith, Edward  20 Nov 1964West Virginia, USA I26240
32 Smith, Elizabeth Runyon  Aft 1880West Virginia, USA I80126
33 Smith, Floyd Bryan  11 Oct 1958West Virginia, USA I109390
34 Smith, Frank Pierce  1937West Virginia, USA I26812
35 Smith, Gilbert G  Aft 1930West Virginia, USA I80216
36 Smith, Grover  Bef 1910West Virginia, USA I154413
37 Smith, James A.  1865West Virginia, USA I13533
38 Smith, James Spencer  23 Feb 1939West Virginia, USA I00036
39 Smith, Jane  1875West Virginia, USA I73168
40 Smith, Jefferson Larry  1961West Virginia, USA I38796
41 Smith, John A  1865West Virginia, USA I37771
42 Smith, John D  1896West Virginia, USA I64856
43 Smith, John Wesley  1 Jun 1929West Virginia, USA I30567
44 Smith, Joseph L  c 1870West Virginia, USA I84834
45 Smith, Mancel John Elwood  5 Sep 2005West Virginia, USA I154083
46 Smith, Mary Catherine  1923West Virginia, USA I00044
47 Smith, Robert  1927West Virginia, USA I38795
48 Smith, Robert Greenberry  03 Dec 1940West Virginia, USA I00033
49 Smith, Samuel S  1935West Virginia, USA I25870
50 Smith, Thomas  Abt 1986West Virginia, USA I79160

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)        Person ID 
1 Wass, Mary Luvina  Jun 1938West Virginia, USA I00740

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   Family        Family ID 
1 Ford / Hendrickson  26 Oct 1849West Virginia, USA F00106
2 Grayson / Smith  West Virginia, USA F56104
3 Lawson / Pritchard  11 Dec 1853West Virginia, USA F00448
4 Newland / Smith  22 Dec 1866West Virginia, USA F00050
5 O'Verko / Smith  Abt 1934West Virginia, USA F29330
6 Pritchard / Cowan  06 Jun 1867West Virginia, USA F00450
7 Pritchard / Ellifritt  17 Feb 1844West Virginia, USA F00445
8 Pritchard / Lawson  20 Dec 1855West Virginia, USA F00447
9 Samples / Smith  28 Jan 1909West Virginia, USA F28957
10 Smith / Barton  1895West Virginia, USA F38252
11 Smith / Best  c 1878West Virginia, USA F28518
12 Smith / Hardman  1873West Virginia, USA F29366
13 Smith / Hedge  28 Nov 1895West Virginia, USA F00044
14 Smith / Newland  30 Nov 1906West Virginia, USA F00045
15 Smith / Sinnett  23 Aug 1896West Virginia, USA F00042
16 Smith / Smith  Aft 1936West Virginia, USA F28961
17 Smith / Stowers  1874West Virginia, USA F38295
18 Smith / Terry  16 Jan 1866West Virginia, USA F00049
19 Smith / Vargo  Abt 1940West Virginia, USA F29167
20 Smith / Waugaman  Abt 1928West Virginia, USA F28951
21 Stanley / Wilson  22 Aug 1852West Virginia, USA F00252
22 Tichenal / Buckalew  Abt 1790West Virginia, USA F00489
23 Wass / Bickerstaff  15 Apr 1920West Virginia, USA F00030
24 Wiley / Pritchard  14 Mar 1867West Virginia, USA F00452
25 Wilson / Jolliffe  15 Jun 1837West Virginia, USA F00247
26 Wilson / Kelley  01 Sep 1853West Virginia, USA F00254

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   Family        Family ID 
1 Riffle / Smith  Abt 1962West Virginia, USA F29685