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Smith American Revolutionary War DAR Patriot List

Do you have a Smith/Schmidt/Smyth et al Revolutionary War Ancestor? Know more info about any one of the patriots below?
Come collaborate with us on the Smith DNA Family Project and consider getting a DNA test done.

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The DAR ancestors are presumed to be in specific YDNA tested groups from the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA. There may or may not be a tester for that specific DAR ancestor. If this is your ancestor, please come join the project with a YDNA test (male Smith) For DAR page, click DAR Ancestor # link

Patriot Name DAR Ancestor # Smith DNA Group Birth Date/Birthplace Death Date/Death Place Cemetery
Benjamin Smith A104802 GRP-I-P37-2 c 1751 / 2 Jun 1834 / Pickens District,Anderson County,South Carolina,USA Pickens Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina, USA
Benjamin Smith A104804 1760 / Augusta County, Virginia, USA 18 Aug 1818 / Lancaster,Fairfield County,Ohio,USA Old Lancaster City Graveyard, Lancaster, Fairfield, OH, USA
Benjamin Smith A104807 c 1757 / Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA 2 Jul 1826 / Chesterfield County,Virginia,USA Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Benjamin Smith A131706 GRP-R-M269-50 c 1756 / Smithfield,Providence County,Rhode Island,USA 5 Sep 1823 / Johnston,Providence County, Rhode Island, USA Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Benjamin Smith A202081 GRP-R-M269-50 c 1755 / North Carolina, USA 1832 / Johnston Co, NC Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Benjamin L Smith A104810 GRP-R-M269-50 24 Sep 1779 / Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA 24 Mar 1841 / Girard Twp, Branch Co., Michigan West Prairie Cemetery, Girard, Branch, MI, USA
Benoni Smith A104813 GRP-R-M269-50 6 Oct 1740 / Hartford County, Connecticut, USA 17 Jul 1799 / Pawlet,Rutland Co,VT,USA Old Pawlet Cemetery, Pawlet, Rutland, VT, USA
Benoni Smith A133575 GRP-R-M269-50 1749 / Medfield, Suffolk, MA after 10 Jan 1807 / Rutland, Worcester, MA Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Beriah Smith A104815 GRP-R-M269-50 23 Feb 1745 / MA,USA 13 Nov 1817 / Bridgewater,Windsor Co,VT,USA North Bridgewater Cemetery, Bridgewater, Windsor, VT, USA
Bethia  Doolittle A104818 17 Aug 1746 / Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA / Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Bezeliel Smith A104821 10 Feb 1762 / Whately,Franklin County,Massachusetts,USA 3 Mar 1848 / Whately,Franklin County,Massachusetts,USA East Whatley Cemetery, Whately, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA
Biley Smith A104823 GRP-I-M253-10 c 1752 / Brentwood,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA 17 Jul 1831 / Cornville,Somerset Co,ME,USA Fogg Cemetery, Cornville, Somerset, ME, USA
Bill Smith A104826 GRP-I-M253-10 1753 / New London, CT, USA 1834 / Rome,Oneida County,New York,USA Rome Cemetery, Rome, Oneida County, New York, USA
Bird Bowker Smith A104831 GRP-E-M2_-3 27 Sep 1761 / Albemarle County ,Virginia, USA 19 Feb 1815 / New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Bruten Smith A104828 GRP-E-M2_-3 c 1740 / Virginia, USA 1809 / Monroe Co, VA Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Caleb Smith A104834 GRP-R-M269-47 6 Apr 1739 / Athol,Worcester Co,MA,USA 13 Oct 1813 / Orwell,Addison County, Vermont, USA Coates Cemetery, Orwell, Addison, VT, USA
Caleb Smith A104835 GRP-R-M269-47 24 Sep 1760 / Hadley ,Hampshire County,Massachusetts,USA 1 Nov 1818 / Hadley ,Hampshire County,Massachusetts,USA North Hadley Cemetery, Hampshire, MA, USA
Caleb Smith A104836 4 Mar 1736 / Exeter,Rockingham County,New Hampshire,USA 20 Feb 1803 / Stark,Coos Co,NH,USA Blake Cemetery, Stark, Coos, NH, USA
Caleb Smith A104837 1 Jun 1745 / New Jersey,USA 1810 / Johnston,Fulton County,New York,USA Know the Cemetery or Burial Place?
Caleb Smith A104839 GRP-I-M223-5 bef 20 Apr 1740 / Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA 5 Dec 1815 / Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA Milford Cemetery, Milford, New Haven, CT, USA