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The Smith DNA Project Members list sorted by first name of early ancestor. Click on the letter below of first name to find trees/pedigrees of member associated with him or her
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Group Branch Early Ancestor/Migration Path/Contact Gedmatch Discuss/Contact
  William Thomas Smith b 1825 IN m Mary Little       IN>IA>MO Branch: 5m0P*** Tree Only
Not registered 
  William Thomas Smith b 1879 England m Hannah      ENG Kit # N822**** YDNA 
pmja Contact via PM  
GRP-I-M253-3   William W Smith b 1792 NC m Charity Bartlett (2 John W 3 William E)       NC, GA, MS Kit # 4420**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  William W Smith b c 1801 SC m Cynthia       SC>GA>AL Kit # 5544**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
GRP-I-P37-1   William W Smith b Unk VA m Margaret ? > Scott Co TN       VA>TN Kit # 1892**** YDNA 
Chuck Contact via PM  
  William Wiseman Smith b 1852 d 1925 m Julia E Mason       VA>OH Kit # 3445**** YDNA 
mcmith Contact via PM  
  William Wiseman Smith b 1852 VA m Julia Mason (2 Edward 3 Edward)       VA>OH Kit # 6396**** YDNA 
dianesteiner Contact via PM  
  William Wynn Smith b 1808 NC m Mary J Bostick       NC>SC>GA>AL Kit # 5608**** FF/AUT 
A342895/ lewgriffin Contact via PM  
  William Yancy Smith b 1849 MS m Martha Caroline Phllips       MS>MS Kit # N116**** FF/AUT Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-19   William Zebedee Smith b 1851 TN m Mary Leonard       TN>OK Kit # 4509**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Willie E Smith b c 1889 SC      SC>SC Kit # N488**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-86   Willie Early Smith b 1916 KY m Mary Elizabeth Conley      KY>OH Kit # 1754**** YDNA 
keenesh00 Contact via PM  
  Willie Smith b 1889 MS m Maggie Mae Streetman       OH>MS>MS Kit # 1733**** YDNA 
wolfmansmith1959 Contact via PM  
  Willie Smith Bartow GA      GA Kit # N204**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Willie Smith m Virlosta      Kit # 4824**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Willis Bradford Smith b 1814 d 1904 m Mary Elizabeth Smith       VA>MS Kit # 2817**** YDNA 
ad1508 Contact via PM  
  Willis Smith b 1807 MS m Pinky Foster       GA>LA Kit # 3457****
Not registered 
  Willis Smith b 1824 GA m Sarah Elizabeth McSween       GA>FL Kit # 6121**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Wilmer Henry Smith b 1890 IA m Hattie Clay      Kit # 1373**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-15   Wilson Smith b c 1807 NC m Mathursa Ann Joiner       NC>GA Kit # 3036**** YDNA 
psratliff Contact via PM