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The Smith DNA Project Members list sorted by first name of early ancestor. Click on the letter below of first name to find trees/pedigrees of member associated with him or her
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Group Branch Early Ancestor/Migration Path/Contact Gedmatch Discuss/Contact
GRP-E-M2_-10   L Smith m C K       IN>IN Kit # N155**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-E-M2_-10   L Smith m M B       KY>IN Kit # N804**** YDNA 
irshgypsy Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-57   Lafayette A Smith b 1831 TN m Elvira Epps       TN>AR>ID Kit # MK70**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-177   Lambrecht Smith b 1605 m Marie Daniels 2. Ariaen 3 Lambert       NY Kit # 3933**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Larkin Freeman Smith b 1830 GA m Jane Fowler      GA>GA Kit # 8418**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Lauther Smith b c 1770 VA m Barbara Louderback       VA>TN>TN Kit # 6272**** YDNA 
billyearl Contact via PM  
GRP-I-M223-1   Lawrence Smith b 1687 VA m Jane Mary Regan       VA>NC Kit # 1344**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Lawrence Smith b c 1792 Ontario m Hannah Saxby       Canada Kit # b172**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
GRP-I-M223-1   Lawrence Smith b c 1797 VA m Caroline Gardner       VA Kit # 1619**** YDNA  FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Lawson Smith b 1807 NC m Sarah Price 2. Rodolphus    Not registered 
  Lawson Smith b 1807 NC m Sarah Price 2. Rodolphus      Kit # B236**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
  Lazarus Smith b c 1774 Chowan Co NC       NC>NC Kit # 1768**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Lee Smith- other info unknown      Kit # 2935**** FF/AUT 
T223373 / Patrecoy Contact via PM  
  Leila Smith Kuttler b 1896 BER    trireme3 Contact via PM  
  Lemuel Lewis Bolden m Mary Elizabeth Young      Kit # B530**** FF/AUT 
Not registered 
GRP-I-M253-12   Lemuel Smith b 1752 Huntington NY m Sarah Hawley (2 David 3 David)       NY>NY Kit # 7840**** YDNA 
stevesmith22 Contact via PM  
GRP-I-M253-12   Lemuel Smith b 1752 NY m Sarah Hawley      Kit # 9120**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Leo Francis Smith b 1903 Hong Kong      Kit # N484**** YDNA 
Not registered 
  Leonard Carlos Smith San Diego, CA died 1/1980      CA Kit # 1449**** YDNA 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-60   Leonard Samuel Smith b CAN d MI m Edwina Moore       CA>MI Kit # 1564**** YDNA 
Not registered