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Big-Y Report. If a person has done Big-Y will be listed in the Early Ancestors column. If the person has done Big-Y and is also in a YDNA matched grouping, that will be shown in the first column "Group". If the person also has Big-Y matches and a Big-Y group has been created it will also be in the "Group" column, prefixed by "BY".
The Smith DNA Project Members list sorted by first name of early ancestor. Click on the letter below of first name to find trees/pedigrees of member associated with him or her

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Total BigY 218 Total Big-Y where there is a YDNA group but no Big-Y group yet 95 Total BigY matched into a BY group 98

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Group Branch Early Ancestor/Migration Path/Contact Gedmatch Discuss/Contact
BY-I-M253-2 GRP-I-M253-25   1. Richard Smith b 1800 NC m Mary Gotcher(YDNA) 2 John Jackson Smith/Haggard       NC>IL Kit # 8507**** YDNA  BigY  FF/AUT 
Jsmith8211 Contact via PM  
BY-R-M269-8 GRP-R-M269-54   1. Thomas Smith b c 1634 and d. 1724, New Haven, CTm Elizabeth Patterson 2 Thomas 3 Thomas (2) Nicholas Smith m E Flood       ENG>CT Kit # 2162**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
BY-R-M269-7 GRP-R-M269-7   Abner Smith b 1781 NC (2 Newman 3 Christopher)       NC Kit # 6148**** YDNA  BigY 
M848299/ WCS5656 Contact via PM  
GRP-J-M267-2   Adopted - Father John David Smith b c 1916 (OK?)      Kit # 1857**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
  Albert Frederick Schmidt b Germany m Martha Toellner       Germany Kit # 3272**** BigY  FF/AUT 
Not registered 
BY-I-M253-1 GRP-I-M253-6   Albert Holdsworth       ENG>ENG>ENG Kit # 2943**** YDNA  BigY 
Kennehy Contact via PM  
BY-I-M253-1 GRP-I-M253-6   Albert Smith b c 1892 PA       PA Kit # 8222**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
  Alexander Smith m Massie Cox       VA>KY Kit # 3396**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-61   Allen Smith b 1787; d 1878 Newmarket, NH m Deborah Jones       NH>ME> Kit # 6120**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
GRP-R-M269-49   Alpheus Smith b 1778 VT m Margaret Barto (2. Ephraim 3 James)       VT>NY>WI Kit # 8017**** YDNA  BigY 
BuddhaFred Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-53   Alvin C Smith b 1834 NY m Cordelia Fancher       NY>IA Kit # 9408**** YDNA  BigY  FF/AUT 
MDWSmith999 Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M269-100   Andrew Smith d c 1783 Washington Co GA      Kit # N189**** YDNA  BigY 
Not registered 
GRP-J-M267-1   Angeline Seay m ? Smith (Brooks Co GA) THEORY: Needham b 1774>English>James Polk       GA (Washington)>FL(Madison) >GA(Brooks) Kit # B281**** YDNA  BigY  FF/AUT 
M609850/ robert.d.seay@gmail. Contact via PM  
  Anton Schmitt b 1820 Germany m Eva Calmus      Kit # 1770**** BigY  FF/AUT 
Not registered 
BY-R-M269-16 GRP-R-M269-47   Arthur Smith b 1797 NC m Mary>Hart Co KY       NC>KY>KY Kit # 8809**** YDNA  BigY 
williamo Contact via PM  
GRP-R-M198-16   August Schmidt b c 1837 d 1901       Ger>PA>PA Kit # 3401**** YDNA  BigY 
mttaylor129 Contact via PM  
  Augustus W. Smith b c1820, near Newburgh, ME       ME Kit # N369**** YDNA  BigY 
waynemaine Contact via PM  
BY-R-M269-4 GRP-R-M269-77   Bartholomew Smith -IRE m Rose McManus (2. Ambrose 3. Maurice)       IRE>AUS Kit # 1634**** YDNA  BigY 
bsmith Contact via PM  
  Bartholomew Smith b c 1818 d ? (buried TX)       IRE>AL>TX Kit # 3539**** BigY  mtDNA 
Rhoden-Smith Contact via PM  
  Beatrice Schmidt m Peter Petrovic      Kit # 6293**** YDNA  BigY  FF/AUT 
Not registered