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Smith DNA Project Birth Locations for Group GRP-E-M2_-6   
  List of Lineage People in Group GRP-E-M2_-6
Abraham SmithEngland/1622Rhode Island, USA
Abraham SmithLong Island Co,NY,USA/1647Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
Albert Leroy Smith
Albertis Austin SmithAdams, IN/9 May 1885St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA
Alfred SmithGreene County, Pennsylvania, USA/10 Nov 1896Washington, Washington Co. PA
Anthony Smith/1798
Anthony SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/10 Sept 1753Monroe County, Ohio, USA
Anthony Thomas SmithCape May County, New Jersey, USA/26 JUL 1723Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Barclay SmithPennsylvania, USA/30 Jan 1842Berner, Adams, IN
Bartholomew Smith/c 1664
Bastrus Daniel SmithIowa, USA/12 Aug 1855Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA
Bazil SmithBedford, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, USA/16 Aug 1795Ohio, USA
Benjamin SmithOhio, USA/6 Apr 1825New Lancaster,Maimi County,Kansas,USA
Benjamin C SmithIndiana, PA /2 Jul 1834
Benjamin Cline Smith/30 Jun 1867
Benjamin Cline SmithNew Lancaster,Maimi County,Kansas,USA/26 Jul 1871Benton County,Oregon,USA
Benjamin McCoy SmithPennsylvania, USA/20 Dec 1862Missouri ,USA
Benjamin Ransom SmithAdams, IN/27 Jul 1878Clinton, IN
Chalmer James SmithAdams, IN/12 Feb 1907Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, USA
Charles Edgar SmithIllinois, USA/3 Aug 1888Vermillion County, Illinois, USA
Charles Lowrie Smith/24 Jun 1838
Charles Somers SmithPhiladelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA/1798
Christopher SmithNew Jersey, USA/1720Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
Clarence Smith
Clyde SmithIllinois, USA/c 1875Cuba, Fulton County, llinois, USA
Clyde C Smith/25 Dec 1879
Constantine SmithLewis County, Kentucky, USA/18 Apr 1809Pearl,Pike County, Illinois, USA
Culver Smith/1822
Daniel Smith/20 Jan 1719
Daniel Smith/28 Aug 1859
Daniel SmithCape May County, New Jersey, USA/1755Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
David Smith/c 1660
David SmithNew Jersey, USA/c 1798
David W SmithOhio, USA/8 Apr 1822Nordrhein-Westfalen,Germany
E Walker Smith/1860
Ebenezer Walker SmithMonogalia, WV/20 Dec 1805IN
Elihu SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/1767
Elijah SmithFulton County,Illinois,USA/29 Jun 1842
Elisha R SmithFulton County,Illinois,USA/10 Mar 1844Cuba, Putnam County, Illinois, USA
Ernest Joseph SmithOsman,McLean County Co,Illinois,USA/22 Oct 1885Cuba, Fulton County, llinois, USA
Francis Gurney Smith/4 Jan 1784
George SmithGreene County, Pennsylvania, USA/1801Jeffferson, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
George SmithWaynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA/5 Sep 1884
Harry SmithOhio, USA
Henry Smith/14 Jan 1834
Herbert Clyde SmithIllinois, USA/c 1916
Howard Hill SmithKanahwha, WV/9 Dec 1894Kanahwha, WV
Isaac Smith/1657
Jacob Smith/29 Nov 1876
Jacob SmithGreene County, Pennsylvania, USA/1788Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Jacob B SmithMorgan, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA/4 Apr 1824Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
James Smith/12 May 1757
James Smith/25 Feb 1871
James SmithCape May County, New Jersey, USA/8 Aug 1797
James SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/1758Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
James E Smith/18 Feb 1839
Japeth Smith/1795
Jeremiah Smith/1805
Jeremiah Smith/9 Feb 1782
Jeremiah SmithSmiths Mill,Passaic Co,NJ,USA/1752Tuckahoe,Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
Jeremiah SmithTuckahoe,Cape May County, New Jersey, USA/14 Mar 1722
Jeremiah SmithUpper,Cape May County, New Jersey, USA/28 Dec 1828Georgetown,Floyd Co,IN,USA
Jesse Attison Smith
Jesse Walker SmithIndiana, PA /Jun 1863Cabell County, West Virginia, USA
Job SmithAdams, IN/13 Oct 1855St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA
Job SmithGreene County, Pennsylvania, USA/1788Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Job SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/1762Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
John Smith/31 Aug 1698
John Smith
John SmithGloucester, Gloucestershire, England/1566Nibley, England
John SmithNew Jersey, USA/c 1796
John Henry SmithIowa, USA/21 Aug 1861Iowa, USA
John L Smith/1787
John R. SmithGreene County, Pennsylvania, USA/23 Jan 1818
John S Smith/25 Mar 1804
John S SmithBardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA/18 Jan 1828Tuscola, Douglas County, Illinois, USA
John Wesley SmithNew Lancaster,Maimi County,Kansas,USA/10 Dec 1874Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
John Willets SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/1769
Jonathan Smith/1 Sep 1717
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan J Smith/1826
Joseph Smith/1800
Joseph Smith/1794
Joseph SmithAmity, PA/1 Aug 1932Washington,,PA,USA
Joseph SmithWind Ridge, Greene Co. PA/9 Jun 1854Washington,Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph Tyler Smith/19 Feb 1869
Kenneth Case SmithLa Cygne,Linn County,Kansas,USA
Kenneth Spencer Smith/11 May 1941
Levi Smith/1752
Lewis Gibson SmithPreston, West Virginia, USA/18 APR 1840Grant, Oklahoma, USA
Martin Bowman SmithIowa, USA/20 Jun 1859Aztec, San Juan County, New Mexico, USA
Micajah Willets SmithPennsylvania, USA/1773
Mont Leroy SmithRush, Kansas, USA/19 JAN 1882Box Elder, Utah, USA
Morgan SmithGreene County, Pennsylvania, USA/25 Jul 1807Berne, Adams, IN
Morris Smith
Moses H SmithOhio, USA/5 Apr 1825Miami,Miami County,Kansas,USA
Nathaniel Smith/1791
Noah Smith/1793
Noah SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/20 Mar 1756Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Noah SmithNew Jersey, USA/c 1794
Ralph Murphy SmithMadison, IN/1 Aug 1898CA
Richard SmithCape May County, New Jersey, USA/22 Oct 1715
Richard SmithLondon, England/1480London, England
Richard SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/c 1779Perry, Monroe County, Ohio, USA
Richard SmithNew Jersey, USA/1784
Richard H Smith/1832
Richard LeRoy SmithPortland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA/25 Aug 1924Bend,Deschutes County,Oregon,USA
Richard W SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/19 Oct 1768Smithtown,Monongalia County, West Virginia, USA
Ross SmithIllinois, USA/c 1872
Samuel Smith/4 Apr 1796Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Samuel SmithPennsylvania, USA/17 Sept 1843Berne, Adams, IN
Sooy SmithLittle Egg Harbor, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA/11 Nov 1784Tarleton, Pickaway County, Ohio, USA
Steven Allen SmithPortland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA/17 Apr 1943
Stockton Smith/1800
Sylvanus Smith/1818
Sylvanus SmithNew Jersey, USA/20 Jan 1764Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Thomas Smith/1807
Thomas SmithBrookhaven,Suffolk County,New York,USA/ABT 1672Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
Thomas SmithLeicestershire, England/1530Leicestershire, England
Thomas SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/16 Dec 1748Greene, Pennsylvania, USA
Thomas SmithNew Jersey, USA/1718Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
Timothy Smith/24 Jan 1780
Timothy SmithMonmouth County, New Jersey, USA/25 JAN 1747Greene, Pennsylvania, USA
William Smith/1792
William Smith/8 Oct 1700
William Smith/1659Middleton, NJ
William SmithHumberstone, Lincolnshire, England/1600Hempstead, Livingston, NY
William SmithIllinois, USA/c 1867Cuba, Fulton County, llinois, USA
William SmithLong Island, NY /1667Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
William SmithNew Jersey, USA/1772Warren, VA
William SmithPennsylvania, USA/ABT 1799
William SmithTuckahoe,Gloucester County, New Jersey, USA/10 Mar 1754Tuckahoe,Gloucester County, New Jersey, USA
William SmytheHatfield, Nottinghamshire, England/1505Hatfield, Nottinghsamshire, England
William Bishop SmithTrumbull, Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA/7 May 1837New Lancaster, Miami County, Kansas, USA
William Byrd Smith/16 Mar 1845
William D SmithNew Jersey, USA/11 Jan 1799Cuba, Fulton County, llinois, USA
William H SmithFulton County,Illinois,USA/9 Aug 1850Fulton County,Illinois,USA
William Henry Smith/23 Aug 1864
William Y Smith/1854Tuscola, Douglas County, Illinois, USA