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Alexander Smith, died 1696 in Middlesex Co., VA-DNA GRP-R-M269-2

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  • Alexander Smith, died 1696 in Middlesex Co., VA-DNA GRP-R-M269-2

    Alexander Smith, who died in 1696 in Middlesex Co., VA, had an unknown wife (some show Mary Ann Cock/Cocke, but I have seen no proof of that). Alexander's next-door neighbor was a John Smith (died 1669 in Middlesex Co., VA) who was married to a Margaret unknown. Some files on the internet have incorrectly intermixed those two Smith families. There are several Y DNA donors who represent the family of this Alexander Smith (GRP-R-M269-2), but there are no known Y DNA donors who represent the family of this neighboring John Smith....and we do not know if they were "blood related" (but the two families did intermarry).

    My personal remaining primary challenge is to determine how the James Smith who died in Middlesex Co., VA around 1771 (married to a Frances, who was almost certainly Frances Kidd; Frances Kidd was born in 1727) was related to Alexander Smith. It seems that the only possibility is for this James Smith to have been a son of John Smith (born 1689/1690; he was a son of Lt. John Smith and the widow Mrs. Jane (Cock) Jones) who was a grandson of the referenced Alexander Smith. That grandson of Alexander Smith named John Smith married his neighbor Ann Smith, and Ann was a granddaughter of the above-referenced neighboring John Smith and Margaret (specifically, Ann Smith was a daughter of Thomas Smith and Ann Petty). When the estate of the John Smith who married his neighbor Ann Smith was distributed in the 1740s, however, a son named James Smith was not included (and the Christ Church Parish Register shows no son for John and Ann (Smith) Smith named James Smith....but certainly not all children in Middlesex Co. VA were "captured" by that document).

    DNA testing (both Y and autosomal) seems to conclude that the referenced James Smith (again, he died about 1771) who married Frances was a member of the Alexander Smith family, but proving that with 100% confidence remains elusive, since the one Y DNA donor in GRP-R-M269-2 who believes that he is out of this James Smith and Frances cannot really prove his ancestry back to that couple (there was an "adoption" and an associated surname change that makes research particularly difficult). If that James Smith was, in fact, a son of John and Ann (Smith) Smith, then he was probably named for the "father and son James Smiths" who were in Ann Smith's family....and who both died in the 1720s. That father named James Smith married Ann Cary, and he was another son of the neighboring John Smith and Margaret (note: some files on the internet incorrectly show that the James Smith who married Ann Cary was a member of the Alexander Smith family instead of the John Smith and Margaret family). Any/all comments will be greatly appreciated.